Thursday, December 01, 2005

War against sanity

As the world watches on
Mothers cry for their sons, yet they remain strong
Oppressed masses protest
Wondering, ‘who will be next?’
In their war against sanity
Raping and pillaging humanity
Tanks roll, guns blaze
Continuing these dark days
Rivers of blood flow
Whilst they open another Texaco
The pain of orphans runs deep
Yet they loose no sleep
For sure the seeds they’ve planted
Will reap
The wrath of He who requires no rest or sleep
The awakening of the ones who no longer wish to be sheep
Challenging the false gods of democracy
Exposing the double standards of their autocracy
Taking back the reigns of power
To establish before the coming of the hour
Justice and tranquillity long forgotten
In a time where blood is worth less than cotton
Indeed the day is near
That Rumsfeld and Blair fear
The return of the shield
That will yield
A new age for humanity
Thus returning us back to sanity

26th April 2005


Anonymous said...

very interesting - well articulated and deepconcepts put across

Anonymous said...

well articulated and some deep comments coming across.