Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Workers for Khilafah arrested in Lebanon - 19th April 06

Most of the following is taken from a press release from the workers for Khilafah in Lebanon, it is a draft translation from Arabic:

Date: 21 Rabi'-ul Awwal 1427 AH
19 April 2006 CE

"Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But Allah will complete His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it)." [As-Saf: 8]

A noble charitable Ummah, and carriers of truth whose light goes in front of them by the will of Allah, with which they disperse the darkness of oppression and subjugation, they carried truth to annihilate falsity with it, even though the protectors of darkness hated that. A procession drawn by the Shabab who refused but to stay adhere to their Ummah, they walked with naked chests and steady steps in order to raise the word of Allah, and to support His religion, and glorify their Ummah, to the project of a political unity for all of the Islamic world, a project of dignity and honor, a project of justice, and mercy for the world, to a Khilafah Rashida on the path of the of the prophethood.

Lebanon is witnessing since months a trial of surrounding its awakening, and an effort to delay what is inevitable and could be seen by any one who has insight: the return of Lebanon and its citizens to their shari'ah, natural and historical surroundings an inseparable part of the Islamic world and Islamic Ummah.

Between yesterday and today, the authorities pursued about ten of the Shabab who work for Khilafah, it sent for Waseem Sha�rawi in Tripoli, and Shereef Al-Hallak in Saida, he is the one whom the judge Ziad Mekkanna had put forth his sentence concerning being associated with those who work for Khilafah, being legal and thus he stopped the trial against him, and Hasan Nahas member in the news media office of the workers for Khilafah in Saida with his son who is still a pupil in school!! It also sent after Muhammad Suwan, Rabee� Al-Humsi Abdallah Sadaka and others in Bikaa�. Besides that security elements some were in civil clothes, broke into the house of Nader Dani from the Shabab who work for Khilafah in Bikka� they inspected it without showing a warrant they drove the owner of the house arrested, it also arrested Yaser Khandour from the same governorate and surrounded the house of Ziad Al-Humsi from the same governorate, when they did not find him, they threatened his mother of pulling the door off they also threatened to arrest one of those present, when he denied the way they treated the mother, they entered the house of the mother and inspected it without showing any legal papers!

We wonder: until when will Lebanon claim top be a protector of the right of expressing, intellect and giving opinion, while it restraints with the spade the other opinion, and utilizes apparatuses -upon which it spent and still spends the wealth of the country and the money of the treasury- to pursue the carriers of opinion and intellect, even the carriers of the rescue project, and the only hope for this wounded Ummah?

We also wonder: haven�t most of that arrest been arrested before and then set free?? Isn�t this a proof that there is nothing against them, in the state of �institutes and law�? So until when will you keep silent about this oppression? Where are the fair people of opinion and impact, whom we know to refuse injustice, why do they keep silent about making carriers of the Dawah "bear the burden of every undesirable deed"?

We call every body, to account the authorized without pity, in order to stop the offense to the carriers of the Dawah, which will not excuse they from account on doomsday. The prophet (saw) said:

"Beware of oppression because it is darkness on doomsday�" [Narrated by Muslim]. And he (saw) said:

"�Beware the curse of the oppressed, because there is no screen between it and Allah" [Agreed upon]

The procession of light is going on until it reaches its great goal by the will of Allah, a Khilafah Rashida on the path of Prophethood, which will change the path of the black history of western civilization, which filled the world with injustice, pain and sadness, into the civilization of Islam, which filled and will still fill the whole world with light, justice and mercy. And this is not difficult for Allah.

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