Sunday, September 03, 2006

More activists for Khilafah arrested in Jordan - 19th Aug 06

The following is the draft translation of some points taken from a release issued on 26 Rajab 1427 AH/20 August 2006 CE:

The workers for Khilafah expressed loudly the words of truth and the call of faith after the Friday prayer on 19.08.2006 for the crowds of Muslims in different Masjids in Amman, Zarqa, Ruseifa and Irbid, reminding the Muslims of the demolishment of the Khilafah state on 28 Rajab 1342 AH, and making them aware that the elimination of the Khilafah state is the cause of all the disasters which inflicted them, and calling them to work with to restore the Khilafah state which Rasulallah (saw) gave glad tidings of.

The oppression apparatus in Jordan arrested a number of the Shabab and pursued others, the arrest of Dr. Ramzi Sawalha -who gave the speech in Al-Tillawi Masjid in Sweileh- was confirmed, when the coward security men pursued him after leaving the Masjid, they pointed their weapons at the worshippers and threatened to shoot at them if they tried to protect him, the worshippers from the public Muslims -who were walking behind those oppressors- raised their voices with Allahu Akbar and described the security men as cowards and treacherous and guards for the rulers and Jews, the worshippers were greatly moved and some were crying while saying (what did this young man do, he merely uttered the truth, let them go to Jews if they were real men) the oppressors also arrested Hatem Omar while trying to help his brother Ramzi, while in other Masjids the worshippers did not allow the security men to arrest the youth, and addressed them saying, go to Jews if you were men. The system in Jordan showed its 'courage' in oppression by arresting an old man Abu Hamza Al-Aneed, as well as a number of fathers and children because of the guilt of their sons and brothers.

We say to the system in Jordan, that all of its oppression, arresting and harming will not weaken us, and that the Shabab who will continue their Dawah and won’t be affected -by the will of Allah- by those who contradict them from criminals, until Allah carries out his will.

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