Sunday, November 26, 2006

Being a Councillor within Local Councils in Dar al-Kufr is Haram

The following is the translation of a section from an Arabic booklet issued by Hizb ut-Tahrir Europe in 2003 entitled, 'The ruling on the participation of Muslims in the political life of the West':

Participating in the council

The council is composed of representatives of the city or town. It is concerned with the public amenities. The council is a body which enjoys relative independence in looking after the affairs of its area (please refer to the dictionary of politics pp.163-171) Most of the actions which the council undertakes are administrative, however there are some actions which fall under ruling; and what applies to ruling applies to it. By scrutinizing the reality of a council and its tasks it becomes clear that the majority of its actions are mubah (permitted). However, it works in two areas which are evidently prohibited (haram):

1. A council in the western system is free to decide on certain matters and execute them. Making decisions over matters as we have said previously which are part of ruling. Thus, the council undertakes certain tasks of ruling at a local level such as imposing local taxes.

2. The council concludes usurious contracts and gives licenses to brothels and casinos. It also concludes prohibited marriage contracts and protects many types of munkar (evil) and corruption prevalent in the western society and other actions, which the Sharee’ah prohibits.

The Muslim, who wishes to participate in a council at the level of chairman or a member, has no alternative but to fall into sin and protect munkaraat (evil), because his work will not be restricted only to the administrative matters which are mubah. Rather the nature of his work in the council obliges him to undertake things, which are definitely Haram."

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