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New Islamic Strategic Studies Center - Sheikh Yousuf Badarani

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It's an Islamic strategic studies center headed by Sheikh Yusuf Badarani from Lebanon, it also has an english section on the site with some useful literature on it. The following are details from the site:

Counsel of Trustees

Mr. Yousuf Badarani
Head of Counsel of Trustees
Mr. Yousuf Badarani was born during late thirties of past century, to engage so early in the political work targeting the revival of the Muslim Ummah and saving her from the neckband of colonialism, through the full liberation of everything that does not relate to its Islam. Thus, he was nominated for the Lebanese parliament in 1964, but the political regime failed him due to the intellect he carries and the strategic project he represents that returns to the Ummah its natural right of authority. Mr. Yousuf Badarani authored many intellectual, political and Islamic books that illustrate the standards and measures of deep objective research, as dictated by the norms of looking after the truth in any topic. Amongst his books: "The Family, A Castle Shielded by Allah and His Messenger" in two parts, in Arabic, English and Turkish, "Europeans Hatred of Islam, A Conspiracy in Its Second Millennium" in Arabic, English, French, and Italian, "Christianity, A Roman Political Scheme" in Arabic, English, and French, "Hijacking The World, An American Plan" in Arabic, English, and French, "The Black Hole in the Intellect of Western Philosophy" in Arabic and English, "The Choice of Heaven and Hell in the Philosophy of Democracy" in Arabic and English, and "Crisis of Western Intellect" in Arabic and English. Mr. Badarani is from the city of Beirut.

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi
Member of Counsel of Trustees
Dr. Mohammad Malkawi was born during late fifties of past century, to engage so early in the political work targeting the revival of the Muslim Ummah and saving her from the neckband of colonialism, through the full liberation of everything that does not relate to its Islam. Dr. Mohammad Malkawi holds a PhD degree in Computer Sciences, has authored many publications and delivered many political, intellectual, technical and Islamic lectures. He also worked as university professor, holds patents and is fluent in many languages. Dr. Malkawi is from the city of Irbid.

Dr. Musab Hamid
Member of Counsel of Trustees
Dr. Musab Hamid was born during early seventies of past century, to engage so early in the political work targeting the revival of the Muslim Ummah and saving her from the neckband of colonialism, through the full liberation of everything that does not relate to its Islam. Dr. Musab Hamid holds a PhD degree in Islamic Studies, has authored many publications and delivered many lectures. Dr. Hamid is from the city of Al-Madina Al-Monawwara.

Introductory Letter

All praises be to Allah SWT who has guided us to Islam as a system of the entire relationships of life in all its stages, necessities and conditions. Islam is indeed a political culture; a political system with its creed as a political thought in its basis, implementation and purposes. The spiritual creed restricts its rulings to worships and ethics, and it differs among non-Muslim species. Some of which is sent by Allah SWT in its origin, but politician idolaters had foisted into it to establish their own authority as if it is the order of Allah SWT, while some is pure product of human imagination.

Spiritual creeds that are wide spread on Earth due to the processes of distortion, interpretation and compromise became very similar to each other in their idolatrousness, implementation and realities. No one claims that they have political thoughts, rather they renounce any relationship with politics, despite the fact that all distortion and foisting into these creeds had taken place on the hands of political authority or for the sake of political goal.

The human creed, or the political one, is the base life thought from which all thoughts of life emerge. These thoughts of life are the thoughts of deeds, the thoughts of ethics, the thoughts of relationships and their systems and solutions, the thoughts of ruling system and its instruments and implementations, the thought of life economy that relates to the needs of the person, the fortune of the nation and the economy of the state, the thoughts of worships including those related to creed protection, practical ways of implementing its rulings amongst people and countries in peace and war, foreign policy, interior policy and the policy of Jihad.

Islam; the creed of life and the creed of humans, is a political thought to administer life and its affairs in order to guide the life of person, nation and state on the path that fulfils Allah's purpose of creation, Allah's rulings' purposes of implementation and person's purpose of action. The political thought in the creed of Islam is manifested in the life being created by a creator, in Quran being the rulings of Allah SWT for the system of life, and in the human being the slave of Allah SWT thus is committed to obey His rulings in the Quran and in the traditions of Prophet Mohammad SAW. The creed of Islam in itself is a political thought; the thoughts of the creed of Islam are political thoughts and its rulings are political thoughts. All of Islam is political intellect, including its worships that are built upon the basis of total and unrestricted obedience and submission to The Almighty Allah SWT and His Lordship; it is submission to the idea of taking care of the people's affairs in accordance to the rulings of Islam; all this is political intellect. To impose the necessity of obedience to Allah's rulings and taking care of people's affairs and solving life's problems in accordance to Islam's rulings, the imposition of all this dictates beyond doubt that the creed of Islam is a political thought, and the rulings and ideas of this creed are all political. This is how Allah SWT imposed it in the Quran and in the traditions of His Messenger SAW, this is how the Prophet SAW practiced Islam as a political system, called to it as a political intellect and fought for it as a political entity. This is how his caliphs followed his footsteps afterwards; this is our reality in our history: we are a political nation; a principal political state established on the creed of Islam and implements the rulings of Islam. This is our tradition and our civilization; our religion, Islam, is a religion of life, a religion of state, a religion of peace and a religion of war, and the thoughts of life, nation and state cannot be anything but political thoughts.

Islam is a self-integrated political thought as it includes the solutions of all people's necessities in all stages of life. This imposes the axiom of Islam that every person must administer his life affairs in accordance to Islam, make the priorities of Islam his own life's priorities and work to accomplish the obligation of having his own and everyone else's daily affairs taken care of according to the rulings of Islam. If a Muslim rules over his brothers, he must administer the affairs of those under his auspices with Islam's relevant rulings, and those under his auspices must hold him accountable: does he rule them with Islam's rulings or his own fancies, and when he deviates, they must advise him with Islam's arguments and rulings. All the thoughts of Islam's rulings and creed are political thoughts, and all the deeds of Muslims are political deeds, as the thoughts and rulings of Islam are all related to the deeds of life that were allowed by Allah SWT and the methodologies of these deeds that Allah SWT set permissible to satisfy the needs.

The Muslim that does not understand Islam as a political thought, does not understand the rulings of its creed and this creed's thoughts as political thoughts and does not understand his daily duty as a politician is one of this century's Muslims; the century of absence of Islam despite numerous Muslim intellectuals and callers, Islamic movements, sites, mosques, pulpits, schools, assemblies and even heads with turbans.

The Muslim is intuitively politician by default, the establishment of Allah's governance on Earth is a political deed, seeking to establish this obligation in the absence of the state that implements the rulings of Allah SWT and the system of Islam with all its details is an obligatory political deed that every single Muslim must do until the efforts are satisfactory to realize it, and this satisfaction would be manifested in the realization itself. Holding the ruler accountable, as obeying him, assisting him and advising him with rulings of Allah SWT, is an obligatory political deed every Muslim must do until fulfillment. The mentality of every single Muslim must be molded by Islam, similar to its disposition. Islam is a political thought that molds the mentality of Muslim to become politician as Islam has determined the meaning of politics: organizing and order of life in accordance with the life of Islam. The ideas of Islam in governance, economy, Jihad, ethics, sociology, all are ideas of rulings related to taking care of the affairs of people, all are political ideas and rulings, no man can adopt the ideas of Islam, comprehend its rulings and the purposes of these rulings and carry their duties and not be a politician, unlike any other politician.

The culture of West, the culture of infidelity, the culture of no Islam, this culture has overwhelmed us with ideas that has blinded the vision of many Muslims away from the ideas of Islam and has misguided many others off the way of comprehension of Islam. The ideas of delusion and getting others astray have convinced a lot of Muslims that politics is the art of lying thus it is against Islam, that politics is a way to compromise thus is not allowable in Islam, that politics has no religion; it permits the forbidden because it is the game of winning by any means possible and at any price, thus it is the work of Satan. This led the dissolute in our societies to control the elements of political work and to be in charge of the theatre of politics, getting his path smoothen by the ignorant scholar and crook scholar like Saeed Al-Norisi who said: "I seek Allah's protection from Satan and politics". Like this, thanks to many scholars of ignorance and hypocrisy, the dissolute, the unjust and the infidel gained control of the political authority that is the authority of governance to build the authority of idol over us while Muslims are inattentive and forbidden from thinking or knowing that the right of political work is their own natural right and the obligation of every Muslim since the very first moment of belief and comes with the very first moment of talking the very first letters of witnessing that there is no God but Allah SWT.

Our center; "Neologising Epic of X Universal Strategic Studies Center" is a political center that we will brag describing it with attributes we may not be able to achieve due to our scarce or weak or limited potential in case the Muslim youth do not step ahead to get involved with purposeful contributions. On the other hand, we hope it will fill a gap in the intellectual strategic research for Muslims, as it is one of the rare sites that build its strategic thoughts on the strategy of Islam, in its creed intellect that dictates its rulings and the rulings of its own protection, which can not be done by Muslims unless with the State of Islam that governs with the System of Islam.

A political center cannot be a political center if it is theorist cultural center or propaganda center of Islam even by illustrating its rulings and evidences and proofs against infidelity and oppression and misguidance that are being conducted day and night by human Satans with all their tremendous powers and with the help of a lot of Muslims who we assume to be constituted of many misguided individuals who we hope guidance for. A political center is the center that adopts an intellect for the political work and a clear comprehension of the political incidents in light of Islam's political vision. Muslims have lost the political vision of Islam, thank to many intellectuals and sheikhs who have been influenced by the cultural and political intellect of the West, which requires discarding those corrupt and re-culturing the Muslims with such vision. All thanks to Allah SWT that He destined few believers for such task.

Politics; taking care of the affairs of people, means arranging the affairs of people, every human who arranges his affairs conducts a political deed but it is a selfish deed related to his own interest, arranging others' affairs is basically helping others to arrange their own affairs and is a superior work, it even can reach the most superior level among life works because it relates to realizing a value that is a result itself, not realizing a result. The work that realizes a result only is a materialist worldly work. The work that combines the realization of a result with the realization of an ethical or social or human or spiritual value is the most superior human work. Taking care of the affairs of people is helping people in arranging their own lives' affairs, Islam requires the believer to help people in order to arrange their own lives' with Islam and its rulings and how to commit to its rulings. The believer who does this obligation is obeying Allah's order to work with others for the rise of the authority that executes the governance of Allah SWT because the individual cannot do this order alone, thus has been the obligation of Allah SWT on every person who has been guided to the obligation of working with His rulings and executing them in real life by the establishment of the authority that can do that to combine his effort with others' efforts to reach the success of the establishment of Allah's governance. This work all along with the commitment to Allah's Sharia in the establishment of His governance is the process of taking care of the affairs of Muslims in accordance to Islam's rulings mixing the materialistic work that realizes a materialistic value, which is the revival of the System of Islam through authority that implements its rulings, with the spiritual work that realizes a spiritual value when committed to Allah's rulings regarding how to conduct the work to establish the governance of Quran, thus it does not allow the forbidden like killing, lying or cheating for the sake of realizing an obligation Allah SWT has set on all Muslims. The target of a believe out of political work in accordance to Islam's rulings is to acquire the consent of Allah SWT and to succeed through the methodology that pleases Allah SWT and not His slaves, thus comes the definition of benefit as the realization of the goal of Sharia or the goal of the individual that has been approved by the Sharia in the way that has been approved or enforced by the Sharia, and not acquiring the goal by any means. Realization of the goal with the Sharia-approved methodology is the only benefit and interest of the individual and not the result of the work itself because the reward and punishment relates to that and not this. Our political work is a work to acquire the consent and pleasure of Allah SWT and is unrelated to what follows it or to what it realizes of glory and honor in this life and the hereafter, thus we are committed while conducting it to the rulings of Allah SWT and pray to Him, all praise be to Him, to guide us to His obedience and help us to truly obey Him, as we cannot handle the burden of such work without His help, support, guidance and care.

This center is not ours nor does it belong to a certain group because it is a permanent center that we hope men will inherit even after the establishment of Allah's governance on Earth, and as world gets larger with construction it gets larger with the efforts that cooperate in the political work, a part of which is the political standing up against the schemes to prevent the return of life to Islam or the return of Islam to life and what it requires of confrontation with politicians and hypocrites with their known names, not to accuse them or slander them, rather to state the righteousness with just words and in hope to deter them and others thus leading them to better destination in this life and the hereafter, Allah's Willing. The "Neologising Epic of X Universal Strategic Studies Center" is the center of evidence struggle and truth proof, it is a center of the intellect of Islam's creed in the reality of life, which refutes the intellect in the creed of infidelity whatever that creed is, and we ask Allah SWT to help us to make the center's pulpit a site of the intellect of the strategy of the ideology of Islam that contradicts and refutes the intellect of the strategy of the ideology of democratic capitalism that has taken hold of all false thoughts in this era that lacks the State of Caliphate that implements the System of Islam on Muslims in an Islamic Society.

We wait for your contributions, the Muslim youth who seeks to arbitrate the Sharia of Allah on this Earth, to assist His religion, to execute the righteousness and defuse the falseness of ideologies other than Islam, and if you do not engage in our effort for a reason acceptable by Allah, then pray for our success, and all praise and thanks to Allah SWT… peace be upon you.

Counsel of Trustees
Neologising Epic of X Universal Strategic Studies Center


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