Thursday, December 14, 2006

Book published: The Da'wah to Islam & The Method to Re-establish The Islamic State

The English translation of the excellent Arabic book ‘Da’wah ilal Islam’ (Da’wah to Islam) by Sheikh Ahmad Mahmoud has finally been published. I had serialised parts of it earlier on this site.

How to Purchase the book

Please send an email to with your name, full address, quantity required and a contact number. They will then send you a payment request form from Paypal which you need to complete and send. Payments can be made by paypal to paypal, credit or debit cards.

Price of Book: £12 GBP, postage/courier rates will apply.

The book will be delivered within 3-5 days of receiving the payment.

The 377 page hard back quality english version is a quality translation including the Arabic ayat and ahadith, the original Arabic book was published in Lebanon by Al-Waie Publications.

Anyone who wants to purchase the book in bulk or wants to be a distributor for it please contact Revival Publications, New Delhi - India on

In discussing da’wah to Islam the book concentrates more on the methodology of da’wah than its obligations and mandubaat (recommended actions). This is because the need today to have knowledge of this methodology has become most pressing and important, superseding all other aspects. The book concentrates on the ‘method of da’wah to re-establish the Islamic state’ because this aspect represents the backbone of the da’wah to Islam today. Today, under these circumstances where the Islamic state does not exist, every call that does not make the establishment of the Islamic state its pivot and the centre of its attention, is incomplete. The book covers subjects such as:

· Enjoining the Ma’roof (goodness) and forbidding the Munkar (evil).
· The obligation of the presence of groups that carry da’wah.
· How to establish Dar al-Islam (abode of Islam).
· Refuting methods contrary to the Shar’ee method.
· The method of Islam in understanding the ahkaam (rules).
· Is it allowed to have more than one movement calling to Islam?
· The halaal (permitted) is not reached through haraam (prohibited).
· Moderation and extremism.

Source: Revival Publications Website


Anonymous said...

Can the seller change the purchase option on e-Bay to "buy now" with fixed price rather than "bidding".

Abu Ismael al-Beirawi said...

Unfortunately ebay doesn't allow this option to be enabled from the beginning. Only after a certain amount of purchases and ratings does it become enabled. However you can purchase the book directly from Revival Publications and pay through paypal by emailing them on - please enclose the delivery address, they will send you the paypal payment request by email which you need to complete to receive the book.

Abu Ismael al-Beirawi said...

To answer a question I recieved, it is not possible to get an electronic copy of the book.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum. Is it possible to pay by debit card? It's an easier and safer option for some of us who do not want to set up a paypal account. jzk.

Abu Ismael al-Beirawi said...

From what I know it is possible to pay via debit card through paypal. An alternative that they accept is also through a bank transfer or deposit into an account, please contact them on

Dr Abu Ahmad said...

A book to be taken very seriously,because such a book has not been written in the history of Islam.It carries a comprehensive refutation of all the deviant thoughts put forward by various islamic movements esp. of the 20th century regarding politics.The purity of Islamic thought can be felt in this wonderful book.I do have a suggestion:
1)Why dont you give references at the end of the book?
2) suggestions for further reading should be specified seperately,so that the reader can get a comprehensive view of the issue.
3)when describing the various flaws in certain scholars and movements arguments,i think it would be better if you would give the examples of what had happened and what was the reality of the issue.of course,i do not say that you should name people or movts and blame them-instead the incidents should be mentioned so that the reader can be clear of the issue.hope so these suggestions would be taken care of in the second edition.Salaam.

fidyanabdulfattah said...

This book is very monumental,In indonesia has been translated since 2001,it has @ volume.I think it might be equal as A fiqh book for da'wah.I think this book never ever written in our history.That's the honour of this ummah,Rasullullah s.a.w,will be proud of his ummah who can create many books in the day after.Ameen

Anonymous said...

By the way, is bidding allowed on eBay (as in are you allowed to sell on eBay and are you to buy on it as well)?

Abu Ismael al-Beirawi said...

Yes bidding and purchasing through ebay is halal. The type of bidding with is haram in Islam is once a price has been agreed between 2 parties and they have agreed upon it then it is not allowed to come and bid more, this is what used to happen at the time of the Quraysh and Islam prohibitted it.

This is not the reality of what happens on ebay and such sites.

Mr. Hitari said...

This is one the best books I have ever read in my life. It talks about various different topics including some strong arguments for those who believe in gradual change, working within the system, isolation. It also explains in further details the types of obligations, Aqida and thoughts regarding the Aqida, the Rules in Islam and others. Highly recommended.

Abu Jibreel said...

Salam aleikum

Does anyone have a .PDF or .Doc of the book "Islamic Thought", or "Al-Fikr al-Islami" by Sheikh Mohammad Mohammad Ismail?

Please inform me...