Sunday, December 31, 2006

Views on Saddam's death

The following are some quotations of views regarding Saddam Hussain's execution:

Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, spokesperson of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Indonesia said: "The punishment should have been given to Saddam, because Saddam killed many Iraqi people and also members of Hizb ut-Tahrir there". But he said US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair deserved no better. "All leaders in the world who did killings have to get the same punishment." [Source]

In a press release Hizb ut-Tahrir, Britain said:

Saddam Hussain may have been executed, his crimes were terrible, but the world is waiting for Bush and Blair to be brought to account for the death of over 650,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. Their illegal colonial war in Iraq has found no weapons of mass destruction, has overthrown a dictator formerly loyal to western governments, triggered sectarian conflicts formerly non-existent in Iraq, and left a trail of destruction.

Saddam Hussain was supported and armed by successive Western governments and corporations. Yet, these sponsors, instead of now being punished for their complicity in his tyranny, masquerade as 'liberators' though their actions resulted in the deaths of over 650,000 Iraqis and misery worse than under any ruthless dictator.

Dr Imran Waheed, media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, said, "In Iraq there is now a new tyranny - the tyranny of Bush and Blair whose hands are soaked with the blood of over 650,000 Iraqis. They have not faced justice and continue to support dictators, selling them arms, and sponsoring the oppression they mete out to their citizens. That indeed is an enormous crime.”

“Saddam's trial conveniently ignored his close ties with western governments and corporations throughout his years of brutality, the weapons bought from western corporations, the support given to him in the war with Iran.”

"Bush and Blair, like previous leaders of the U.S. and Britain, continue their close relationships with brutal dictators in the Muslim world when it suits their interests, and will surely discard them when it suits their interests. No amount of rhetoric about displaying superior values will hide the fact that for Capitalist states, befriending tyrants, betraying tyrants and sacrificing the lives of innocents is all fair game when it comes to controlling the world's resources."

The following is a poem about his death by Showkat Ali:

Saddam Hussein Hanged

As the ummah woke up for Eid
And the hajjis were on Mount mina
Beginning of a wonderful day
Lots to look forward to
They chose this day
To slay
Saddam Hussein

Once he could do no wrong
The man portrayed as strong
Not in the deen
But in carrying out orders for the west

When he fought Iran
To slow the Islamic revolution
The west armed him to the teeth
Chemical weapons, planes and all the tools of death
Millions of Muslims died
Nothing was achieved

Except two Muslim countries weakened

When he gassed his own people
The west looked the other way
And made more deals
To sell weapons for Muslims destruction
While the ummah continued to pray
For a saviour

First Gulf war
Invasion of Kuwait
Formerly part of Iraq
Before the division by the colonialists
Gave them an excuse to occupy Muslim land
And secure the oil supplies and strategic locations
Also sell out of date weapons to Arab leaders

Saddam’s forces routed
But Saddam strengthened
Internal opposition destroyed
Shias, Kurds and Islamists
All put to the sword
More weapons sold
To the butcher of Baghdad
Praised highly
Given everything except a medal of honour
For loyalty and sincerity to the western interests

Enter the year 2000
And opposition to Bathist rule growing
Tide in the Middle East is turning
Islamists on the march everywhere
Need for change
Caliphate is the alternative

America and the west scared
Worst nightmare
Muslim rulers no longer trusted
Need for new plan
Based on lies about weapons of mass destruction

Rule of the people
Slogan after slogan
Not working
The mother of all battles has begun
American dead daily
Wounded uncounted
25 000 plus and rising

Saddam blamed
Accused of leading insurgency
Hunt is on
Finally captured
Paraded, humiliated
So much for human rights and dignity

Put on trial
What a show!
What a farce!
Judge is a Kurd
Axe to grind
But never mind

Guilty verdict passed
Appeal lost
Nowhere to turn
Except Allah
Saddam praying
Quoting the Quran and Sunnah

Day of execution set
Clashes with Eid
But so what
Kill him before he spills the beans
Names, dates and meetings
With US and British representatives

Dead man can tell no tales
Lesson for all Muslim traitors
They use u and discard u
Even on Eid


Anonymous said...

Assalaam alaikum,

I doubt many would shed any tears for the tyrant that was Saddam Hussein...

It is indeed interesting that the colonialists also decided to make a sacrifice on the day of eid...albeit an old, toothless sheep...

Maybe the other paper tigers that we unfortunately have to call our rulers will now realise that they are dispensible.....

Anonymous said...

people say that saddam was wrong but was a strong opposition to US
so what happened to him was wrong
and if we see every ruler kills innocent people in the world just that the make themselve right infront of the world
so should we be in support of saddam that he was a strong opposition leader to the west???

Anonymous said...

Saddam is an hero. he opposed both usa and israel. he took control of a volatile country and improved its economy. he defended Islam from the,Shia. He worked with western governments when his country economy was goin down. he had to. but I will REMember him as à strong sunni leader WHO hated Israël and improved his country