Thursday, January 25, 2007

Events in Somalia point to the fact that humanity is the victim of what is touted as the War on Terrorism

The following is a translation from arabic.

The entire world has been a witness to the exodus of the forces of the Shar’iah Courts in Somalia and the subsequent return of the merchants of weapons and wars who have tightened their hold on capital Mogadishu. They have frightened the residents, paralysed their movement and muffled their voices. This has brought Somalia back to the violent era when it was under intimidation and now we see dead bodies strewn over the middle of its streets. This is not all; missiles are being shot over residents without warning, killing women, children and the elderly for nor crimes of them!

In the recent days tens of innocent Somalis have been killed by the random and senseless canon-fire by the Americans. Despite this the US talks of achieving success in targeting what it suspects, ‘a terrorist’! The world remains a mere spectator of this butchery and accepts the destruction of the innocent and their belongings, because all this is seen as their ‘War on Terror’! Yes, while tens of innocents are killed, the world does not as much as open its lips. They are content to accept any crime so long as it can be shown connected with killing of what they suspect as ‘terrorism’.

The insensitivity to a heinous and horrid crime of such magnitude clearly proves that this so called ‘War on Terror’ has not simply killed thousands of human beings, but has killed humanity in the peoples as a whole! It has also exposed the greed of the colonialist leaders. What is being projected as the ‘War on Terror’ has indeed nothing to do with it except to eliminate anyone who stands in the face of corrupt capitalism and colonialism, which in other words is Islam and Muslims!

In certain regions, Europe for instance, the ideological struggle revolves around its weapons; word and thought while in certain other regions like Somalia, the physical struggle is about its components; violence and destruction, because in Somalia the vital interests of the Capitalists and their benefits combine with the presence of those who believe that the best solutions for their problems lie in Islam. Therefore Somalia with its strategic geography and resources, and because there are people in Somalia who are opposed to the corrupt system of capitalism that is imposed on them by the West and have their conviction in Islam which they try to implement, was ripe for such armed struggle. It is for this reason that the destructive weapons of the colonialist capitalists have tried to destroy Somalia and violate its territorial integrity. This is why Somalia was punished, just like Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of liberating it from terrorism!

Somalia has been a living example where the people discarded the corrupt system of capitalism and expressed their desire to restore to the society and ruling, the system of Islam. It was Islam that illuminated the path for the people of Somalia and united them under a single flag and thus they lived in peace under the leadership of the Islamic Courts. And to those who believe that the barbaric violence imposed on the Somali people may affect and influence their desire to restore Islam: the concept of Khilafah and returning to Islam has been uprooted in the minds of the Ummah and such violence will erode it even further. What we witness in this violence by the capitalists and the barbaric destruction is their frustration that the concept of Khilafah is still alive. Therefore we say: the time has come, the hearts and minds of the Muslims have been possessed of the ideological Islam!

Abu Zain Okai Bala

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