Sunday, January 14, 2007

People will never allow fencing and mining of the Durand Line

The two puppets in the American puppet show, Musharraf and Karzai, are making botched attempts to project false impression of Pak-Afghan hostility through a fake war of words. The announcement made by the foreign secretary Riaz Ahmed Khan regarding the selective fencing and mining of the so-called Pak-Afghan border is condemnable. The Ummah will never allow a fence or a border amongst them who’s sole purpose is to protect the cowardly American soldiers. On the one hand, the rulers are calling to make “borders irrelevant” with a proven enemy like India and on the other hand they are working to make Pak-Afghan border area - which was never a real border - into a non-porous border. The objective is to cut Pakistan off from their Muslim brothers on the west and encourage them to become a part of ‘Akhand Bharat’ on the east. Furthermore, due to fencing not only thousands of families living on either sides of the Durand Line would be divided rather the lives of thousands of women and children would be under constant threat in case the region is mined as well. Moreover, the money to be spent on this futile endeavor is not ruler’s personal earnings that they may spend it to protect the American interests. The Ummah rejects all borders drawn by the imperialists, including that of the Durand Line, which the colonialist drew in the past to divide the Muslims in order to weaken them. Time has come that the Ummah unify itself by establishing the Khilafah and root out the current rulers who are out to divide the Ummah under Western dictation.

Naveed Butt, Pakistan
27th Dec 2006

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