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Salahuddin established his pulpit in the al-Aqsa Mosque only after liberating it from the Crusaders

The following is the translation of an arabic leaflet.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Salahuddin established his pulpit in the al-Aqsa Mosque only after liberating it from the Crusaders. On the other hand the Muslim rulers do that today while al-Aqsa remains occupied.

Salahuddin (may Allah have His mercy upon him) entered the al-Aqsa mosque after liberating it from the filth of the crusaders. He defeated them humiliatingly in Jihad under the banner of the Muslims’ leadership lasting for decades and was finally successful thanks to the Nusrah (help) of Allah (swt) at Hittin. He first defeated them on the 25th of Rabee’ al Akhir, 583 A.H and then on 27th of Rajab, 583 A.H he liberated the Bait al Maqdis. When the messenger of Salahuddin who was conferred as the officer of Egypt and al-Sham, brought the good news to al-Nasir, the Abbasid Khaleefah in Baghdad, the Muslims roared in jubilation, chanting the greatness and praise of Allah the all-powerful, praying Him to break the back of the crusaders. Thus al-Quds and al-Aqsa reverted to the Islamic lands.

In the first week after the liberation, the Muslims were engaged in cleansing the al-Aqsa and the Rock of the crusaders’ filth. They washed them thoroughly, applied scent and restored the glory & splendour, and finally after a long gap, Adhaan was said from there.

Before the next Friday on 4th of Sha’ban 583 A.H, and after this great work was accomplished, Salahuddin sent his envoy to Halb to bring the pulpit which was already crafted about twenty years back, by a carpenter of Halb during the reign of Nooruddin, the governor of Egypt and al-Sham before Salah uddin. This pulpit was awaiting the liberation of al-Aqsa for being placed there. Thus the pulpit was brought into al-Aqsa and placed by the side of Mihrab in the Mosque. After that the first juma’ prayers were held and on the orders of Salahuddin, the Qadi of Damascus Muhiuddin bin Zaki mounted on the pulpit and gave his famous khutba from there beginning it with the ayah:

فَقُطِعَ دَابِرُ الْقَوْمِ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا وَالْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ
“So the root of the people who did wrong was cut off. And all the praises and thanks are to Allâh, the Lord of the ‘Âlamîn (mankind, jinn, and all that exists)”. [TMQ 06:45]

This was the first khutba from the al-Aqsa mosque after more than ninety years when al-Quds was occupied by the crusaders on 23rd of Sha’ban 492 A.H.

Oh Muslims! They were the soldiers of Islam and its great leaders, who first liberated al-Aqsa and then placed the blessed pulpit there. Now, when the Jews have burned the pulpit of Salahuddin in 1969 C.E, after having occupied it in 1967, the Muslim rulers were keen to have another pulpit made just as Salahuddin had done, but are not even concerned about freeing al-Aqsa from the occupation as Salahuddin had done! While the rulers are silent on the occupation, they are boastful and proud about having made the minbar and placed it, while the mosque remains under the occupation of Jews and it could be said: “There is no point in placing a huge and elaborately crafted minbar, embellishing the two Mihrabs so long as it is held a hostage under the Jews who are the most hatred and enmity bearing of all people!”

Oh Muslims! The kuffar of Makkah were earlier very proud of having built the ka’bah, while it was held hostage under their shirk and evil atmosphere around it - they screamed naked whilst making tawaf! They thought well of their deeds and Allah (swt) commanded in His firm ayaat, how the mosques are to be built, with Iman and Jihad, under the rule of Islam, that Allah (swt) is to be worshipped in modest structures with the light of the stars permeating it from its ceilings to its floors, rain water reaching its interiors, pebbled floors or bales of straw!... but nevertheless basking in the glory of Islam’s rule and echoing its rule and raising the banner of ‘Uqab, its flag with “La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad ur rasool ullah” inscripted on it. This is many a thousand times better for a mosque than the cozy floors, well furnished interiors and grand pulpits while it remains under the occupation. Allah (swt) has said the truth when He said:

أَجَعَلْتُمْ سِقَايَةَ الْحَاجِّ وَعِمَارَةَ الْمَسْجِدِ الْحَرَامِ كَمَنْ ءَامَنَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الآخِرِ وَجَاهَدَ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ لاَ يَسْتَوُونَ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ وَاللَّهُ لاَ يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الظَّالِمِينَ.
“Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight are dearer to you than Allâh and His Messenger, and striving hard and fighting in His Cause, then wait until Allâh brings about His Decision (torment). And Allâh guides not the people who are Al-Fâsiqûn (the rebellious, disobedient to Allâh)”. [TMQ 09:24]

Oh Muslims! Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon you to work with it to restore the Khilafah which will liberate al-Aqsa and restore its minbar and glory. Only then will the minbar of Salahuddin would be restored to its due honour and whist praising the virtues of Allah (swt), and is there anything in the heavens and earth that does not proclaim His praise?

وَإِنْ مِنْ شَيْءٍ إِلاَّ يُسَبِّحُ بِحَمْدِهِ
“The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein, glorify Him and there is not a thing but glorifies His Praise”. [TMQ 15:44]

Al-Aqsa is held hostage, it does not need a minbar, it needs to be liberated! It requires a Khaleefah like al-Nasir and a commander like Salahuddin and soldiers whose eyes are focused on one of the two goods; only then will we have true Nusrah from Allah (swt) and clear victory and the Muslims will be pleased with the Help of Allah (swt).

This way the mosques of Allah will be built!

إِنَّ هَذَا لَهُوَ الْفَوْزُ الْعَظِيمُ@ لِمِثْلِ هَذَا فَلْيَعْمَلِ الْعَامِلُونَ
“Truly, this is the supreme success! For the like of this let the workers work”. [TMQ 37:60, 61]

Hizb ut-Tahrir

13th Muharram, 1428 A.H
02nd February, 2007 C.E

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Elite Mangudai said...

it was nur ad din zangi who crafted this pulpit. saladdin just placed it there in al aqsa mosque. give credit to this great man as he deserves it.