Thursday, May 31, 2007

Musharraf – Making of a Western Agent

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Sa'id that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: On the Day of Judgment there will be a flag for every person guilty of treachery. It will be raised in proportion to the extent of his guilt; and there is no guilt of treachery more serious than the one committed by the ruler of men. [Muslim]

What could lead a ruler to betray his nation? Cause huge damage to the security of his country, sell out Kashmir, kill its citizens with its own army, humiliate the architects of its nuclear programme and disappear its sons?

What kind of ruler could seek to look after the needs of other nations whilst his own suffers? What kind or ruler could have great sympathy for Western nations and show little for his own? This type of ruler is an agent, in Pakistan this man is called General Pervez Musharraf. Muslims are increasingly sensing the reasons that allow agents like Musharraf to rise to power.

Corrupting the Elites

The kafir colonialists understood that in order to manipulate Muslim countries, take their resources and spread corruption in the land, that they needed to have a pool of people that they could rely on. This pool of people is often unaware that it is to be used to extend the influence of countries like Britain, France or the US.

Institutions in such countries are often structured in such a way that anyone that does not hold western values or tastes cannot progress. Today this is true of the military in Pakistan where the CIA are searching for a suitable replacement for Musharraf to head the military, practising Muslims or even those with sentiments for Islam will be left out. In Pakistan to enter politics the criteria is that you have to be corrupt or at least corruptible. This means that it is easy for the colonial powers to manipulate policies in their favour towards as the politicians can be bought in one way or another.

In Pakistan, the US for example takes a keen interest in the educational curriculum. The children of most influential individuals in Pakistan are schooled in places like Aitchison College, or Beacon House known for their pro-western bias and the teaching of western values like free mixing between the sexes. It is here where western tastes of the future elites are developed. This makes it easier for the kafir nations to exert their influence in these countries, in business, politics or other matters.

Musharraf was brought up to have western tastes. He was educated at Forman Christian College in Lahore, run by American missionaries. In his autobiography he talks about his parents having a love for ballroom dancing, having girlfriends and being in love. Although he may not realise or admit it Musharraf was groomed to have love for the West and have the tastes of the west.

Inferiority Complex about Islam

Some agents reject Islam outright and others may believe in it in a spiritual sense but not as a system for life. It is apparent that Musharraf does not believe that Islam has a solution for life’s affairs. From his eight years in power it can be seen that he wishes to implement a cocktail of Western ideas, Pakistani traditions and his own notion of ‘Enlightened Moderation’.

Such individuals although they say that they believe in Islam cannot accept that Islam is a complete way of life that is revealed by Allah (swt) for mankind. They see the superiority of western technology, organised societies compared with dire conditions in the Muslim world. They equate progress to the West and they equate the decline witnessed in the Muslim world to Islam. They fail to see that it is because Muslims turned away from implementing Islam in their societies that they have declined. They fail to see the ugly nature of capitalism and the misery it inflicts on the majority of people in the world. For this reason their tastes and their thinking becomes aligned with the West. Such individuals may well believe in putting Pakistan or such countries first. They may have some genuine sentiment for their people but this is founded on a weak basis that gives way to their programmed western mindset. It is for this reason they become useful pawns in the hands of kafir colonialist.

The Khilafah will Drain the Swamp

Today Muslims are thankful to Allah (swt) about the increased awareness of Islam as a system of life. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the kafir colonialists to continue to steal and loot resources of the Muslim Ummah. Awareness amongst the Muslims of the true nature of the West has increased and Western agents in the Muslim world are finding it increasingly difficult to hold on to power. Ultimately, they will be thrown out.

It is only when the Khilafah established that the Ummah will truly take its destiny into her own hands. It will no longer be sold to the kafir nations by its agent rulers in return for misery and decline for the people. The Muslim world will no longer be a swamp plagued with Western agents, the swamp will be drained. No longer will the elites in Muslims lands be groomed to look up to the West and develop its sick tastes. The education system will be built upon Islam producing Muslims that fear Allah (swt) and are loyal to Islam. The Islamic way of life will outshine capitalism in all aspects of life. Muslims, as is increasingly the case today will see the ugliness of the Western way of life, they will no longer even contemplate becoming followers of the West. Rather than becoming pawns to enslave the Ummah they will become politicians that will truly look after the affairs of the Muslim Ummah and work to build a state that will become the guiding light for humanity.

Abdur Rahman Siakhi

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