Sunday, June 17, 2007

Imam-e-Ka’ba should not take undue advantage of Pakistani Muslims’ reverence to the Ka’ba

The rulers are trying to cash Muslims’ great devotion and reverence to the Ka’ba-tullah and Makkatul Mukarrama. The emotions of a common Pakistani were severely hurt on hearing American rhetoric and terminologies coming from imam-e-Ka’ba. Though Muslims do revere give a lot of respect and reverence to the Ka’ba, however, it does not mean in any way that they will tolerate anything from the trustee of the Ka’ba if he says anything wrong about Allah (SWT), the Messenger (saw) and Islam. Quresh (at the time of jahiliyah) were also the trustees’ of the house of Ka’ba but the Ummah never gave them respect just because they were taking care of the Ka’ba.

Imam-e-Ka’ba’s statement regarding Jihad is not only mistaken but it can even have a negative impact on the on going resistance against American occupation. Muslims need permission neither from these fasiq rulers nor from any sarkari mullah (government scholars) to wage jihad against Kafir occupiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, and Chechnya etc. Islamic rules related to Jihad are not conditioned with the existence of an Islamic State. That is why existence of an Islamic State or the permission of a ruler is not necessary for waging the Jihad to liberate Palestine, Kashmir or Iraq.

By using terminologies of terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism coined by the West, the Imam of Ka’ba has unveiled the American funded government-drama. Why is it so that he only finds opportunities to issue fatwas targeting Muslims while his voice falters in declaring America, the butcher of half a million Iraqis and nearly eighty thousand Afghanis, as terrorist? Can the Imam of Ka’ba not see the killings in Wana and Afghanistan? Has he accounted Musharraf on handing over 500 Muslims, mainly Arabs, to America or he too, like Musharraf, believes this act to be in accordance with Islam? These sarkari mullahs (government scholars) are issuing religious edicts asking Muslims to submit to their agent rulers exactly the way centuries old Church would endorse the tyranny of the European Kings. As a matter of fact, Hizb ut-Tahrir is not surprised at all to hear colonialist-friendly statements coming out of Imam-e-Ka’ba. After all what else one can expect from a man who acted as mute spectator over the deployment of Jewish and Christian American troops in the blessed land of Arabian peninsula? Ummah knew that these sarkari maulvis (government scholars) including the Sheikh ul Azhar issue these religious edicts off and on to support these regimes and the Kufr system that is why they do not pay much attention to them. We wish to warn these government-scholars that they should not sell their Akhira (hereafter) for the sake of dunya (world) as there is no bigger loss than this.

Naveed Butt
Pakistan, 4th June 2007


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