Friday, June 29, 2007

New Urdu files - Inpage & PDF

I have uploaded new Urdu files including inpage files and some PDF's.

The following is a translation of Evidences about the Return of the Khilafah

Open letter to lawyers in Pakistan

Fiqh of Beard

Amrerica's 2nd Crusade against the Muslims of Kashmir (PDF)

I have also uploaded a new translation of the 'The Ruling System in Islam' by Sheikh Taqi ud-deen an-Nabhani, 'The Warm Call' and 'The Essential elements of the Islamic Nafsiyyah'. The PDF version of the Urdu translation of Mefaheem (concepts) by Sheikh Nabhani has also been uploaded:

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Anonymous said...


any chance of getting that file "fiqh of beard" in english in a doc or pdf file