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Scholars who are working for Khilafah

We shouldn’t accept personality leadership as we are led by the ideology of Islam by following the Quran and the Sunnah. As human beings are liable to weakness, sin and even apostasy it is dangerous to blindly follow personalities who are fallible. Despite this fact it is true that we refer to those with knowledge, the Ulema due to Allah (swt)’s instruction:

“So ask the people of the Reminder (ahl al-zikr) if you do not know.” [TMQ 21:7]

We should have respect for those Islamic personalities and da’wah carriers with knowledge regardless of whether they studied in an academic institute, Madrassah or not.

'Ubaadah b. as-Saamit (ra) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “He is not from my Ummah who does not acknowledge the honour due to our elders, who shows no mercy to our younger ones and nor recognises the right of our scholar.” Al-Munziri said: reported by Ahmad with a hasan chain. Al-Haythami said: reported by Ahmad and at-Tabaraani and its isnad is hasan.

Unfortunately there are some due to believing the propaganda of the tyrants against the Da’wah for Khilafah and due to their own weaknesses who are claiming that there are no scholars amongst the da’wah carriers who work for Khilafah. This is a lie and an accusation against the sincere carriers of the da’wah, the Prophet (saw) said: “To accuse a Muslim is fisq (transgression) and to fight him is kufr (disbelief)”.

The true scholars of da’wah may not be media personalities who the Kuffar and tyrannical rulers in the Muslim world display and hype. In fact many of them live under oppression are harassed by the authorities, spend years in prison and are tortured. They do not enjoin the ma’ruf and forbid the munkar for the sake of fame, rather they do it sincerely for the sake of Allah (swt) even if no one knows their name.

Having said this I felt it is important to give some examples of accepted scholars of the da’wah to re-establish the Khilafah whom are alive today. As some don’t judge scholarship by its outcome like the vast literature written by the workers for Khilafah detailing all aspects of how the Islamic systems would be applied today including the ruling, economic, social systems and foreign policy of the Khilafah state as well as other important ahkam. They view it from tradition, academia and official positions rather than the true criterion of ilm (knowledge).

The following are some examples of the Sheikhs of da’wah who are still living, there are many more than those listed – these are just some examples of those who are well known by their names. There are many others who are known only by their kunya’s (nicknames) who I have not mentioned:

Sheikh Abu Iyas Mahmoud bin Abdul Latif al-Uweida : He is a respected Mujtahid in Jordan who has authored a very detailed book in Arabic on the rules of prayer entitled ‘Al-Jami’ Ahkam as-Salah’ which is in 2 volumes and over 500 pages long. It is published by Dar al-Wadah in Amman, Jordan. The Arabic can be downloaded from:

A draft English translation of the second volume is available from

He has also authored a book on the fiqh of fasting entitled, ‘Al-Jami’ Ahkam as-Siyam’ a draft English translation is available from here. In addition to this the Sheikh has authored a book about the way to carry the da’wah, its obligations and characteristics and a book entitled  مسائل فقهية مختارة (Selected Fiqhi (jurisprudential) matters). The book contains 321 issues in the form of questions and answers related to Salah (prayer), fasting, Zakah, Hajj, Umrah, economics, ruling, social relations and Jihad. The Sheikh has selected from the questions which he responded to between 1993 and 1997. He has spent long years in the da’wah, he was the assistant of Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zalloom (rh) – a leader in the work for Khilafah and spent time in prison in Jordan for his activities, he is now quite elderly.

Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Hawarey: He was born in Rabi Thani 1350 H, 1931 descending from the Disciple of the Prophet SAW: Al-Zubeir the son of Al-Awwam, the ancestry of whom meets that of the Prophet SAW at Qusay the son of Kelab: the Master of Quraysh. The aunt of Al-Zubeir was Khadeejah the daughter of Khowayled, his two uncles were Hamza and Al-Abbas, his cousins were Ali (the Caliph) and Jaafer, his father-in-law was Abu Bakr (the Caliph), and his son was Abdullah (the Caliph), may Allah (swt) be pleased with them all.

While both parents of the Sheikh were Hawarey's, his father Hamed and his only uncle Fares were both martyred during the struggle against colonialism in Sham Lands in 1930's.

The Sheikh joined the Syrian University in Damascus (has been renamed later on to become Damascus University) to graduate with BA in Literature and BA in Education. Later on, he acquired MA and PhD in Comparative Religion and PhD in Tafseer (the unique study of the Holy Quran and its interpretation). While he has published his researches in the field of Comparative Religion as part of his book  (Whoever Has A Mind... Must Reflect on These Islamic Researches, in Arabic), his Tafseer research has been published in his book ( Call from the Compilation of Rulings, in 2 volumes of 4 parts, in Arabic).

After his graduation from the Syrian University, he spent 30 years in Kuwait, until 1990, working in various fields of professorship, technical and administrative supervision, studies and researches, translation and other intellectual and political activities. During this period, he finished the curriculum of High Diploma in Higher Islamic Studies in Cairo, Egypt. He also authored more than 120 researches in various fields of education, culture, science and communication, in addition to more than one series that were published in Kuwaiti daily and weekly periodicals. Since 1990, he has been living in Sham Lands and has authored multiple books.

The following are draft English translations of some of his books:

The following is a website dedicated to the Sheikh's works, it also includes audio sessions:

Some of the videos of the Sheikh can be seen on

[Note: The Sheikh passed away on 11 June 2011 may Allah (swt) grant him jannah]

Sheikh Yousuf Baadarani: The Sheikh was born during late thirties of past century, to engage so early in the political work targeting the revival of the Muslim Ummah and saving her from the neckband of colonialism, through the full liberation of everything that does not relate to its Islam. He was a student of Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani (rh). He authored many intellectual, political and Islamic books that illustrate the standards and measures of deep objective research, as dictated by the norms of looking after the truth in any topic. Amongst his books:

- "The Family, A Castle Shielded by Allah and His Messenger" in two parts, in Arabic, translated also into English and Turkish.
- "Europeans Hatred of Islam, A Conspiracy in Its Second Millennium" in Arabic, translated also into English, French, and Italian.
- "Christianity, A Roman Political Scheme" in Arabic, translated also into English, and French.
- "Hijacking The World, An American Plan" in Arabic, translated also into English, and French.
- "The Black Hole in the Intellect of Western Philosophy" in Arabic translated also into English
- "The Choice of Heaven and Hell in the Philosophy of Democracy" in Arabic, translated also into English.
- "Crisis of Western Intellect" in Arabic and English.

Sheikh Badarani is from the city of Beirut, Lebanon and is a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

You can read the English translation of an extract from his book 'The Son - With his Father and Mother' from

Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Khayr Haykal: He wrote the monumental well known three volume book which was his PHD theses from the University of Damascus, Syria. ‘Al-Jihad wa’l Qital fi as-Siyasa ash-Shar’iyya’, published in Beirut, Lebanon by Dar al-Bayariq. The book includes a detailed discussion of the proposed methodologies in order to re-establish the Islamic state and evaluates them according to the Islamic evidences.

May Allah (swt) accept theirs and our deeds.


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I am interested in obtaining the other books cited (in English) -would you be aware of how I can get access to them ...electronic or otherwise?

Once again, congratulations on your blog. May allah (SWT) make it a source of great reward for you. Ameen.

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Sheikh Ba'darani's books should be available by emailing


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I have the soft copy of the Arabic - but its 28MB, I can upload it if needed.

There is an extract from the book which has been translated, it is available on:


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The Arabic version can be downloaded from:’l-Qital-fi-as-Siyasa-ash-Shar’iyya’

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The English translations are now also available from: