Friday, July 27, 2007

How Nations Faulter

In the Name of Allah, The most Beneficent, The most Merciful

It is human nature to forget. Aadam, our father (Peace from Allah be on him), had a slip of memory and he ate from the forbidden tree. Of course, Aadam sincerely repented and never committed that sin again. So his Lord the Almighty pardoned him. Herein lay the seeds of wisdom for humankind, for nations and generations to come. The adage is, “Wisdom begins with the Fear of Allah”. The natural corollary would be, “Those who do not fear Allah, are intelligent fools”. Such men and nations cannot be called wise.

Nation after nation and generation after generation commit the same follies, meet their decline and finally perish. Time is witness that every person or nation, who committed serious aberrations from the path prescribed by the Lord, was doomed to utter destruction. Pride is one such serious aberration that cannot but bite the dust. ‘Pride’ is the privilege of The Lord, The Supreme - Allah. If men or nations dwell in arrogance, they run the extreme risk of being hauled-up by the Almighty. When will they be arrested for their crime, is a matter of time.
Let no nation believe that its ‘Superpower’ can defeat the Will of the Lord Almighty. Allah’s plan is supreme and powerful enough to manifest itself without anybody’s help. Conversely, His plan is too powerful to be changed or stopped by anybody. To believe that human designs can override or even alter Divine plan, is a folly. The perished nations are witness to this Divine arrest. His plan will unfold itself exactly as He has structured it, correct to the micro-second and precise to the hair-breath.

In the world today, nations arrogate to themselves a position of peace keeping and world policing. They favor those persons and nations who support their designs. They subvert truth and impose their ideology by force. They have the audacity to say that the interest of their country is supreme. They topple Heads of State on false, fabricated and got-up information; support others who either toe their line or benefit them. International organizations, laws and treaties are made for their own benefit. These organizations, laws and treaties are brazenly trampled and even over-ruled when they outlive their utility for the ‘peace keepers’.
To maintain this false superiority, genuine news is concealed while false and fabricated news is passed-off as genuine. The electronic and print media is so well controlled by these arrogant nations that information which they desire filters through; the rest is either destroyed or presented in a manner where nothing comes out of its reading. These arrogant nations firstly target a person, nation or ideology and then work tirelessly to build a case against that target. The case is trumpeted as a threat to the entire world. They twist the arms of one nation after another to support their fabricated cases that ultimately fall flat on their face and prove wrong by the passage of time. The nations of the world are commanded to align themselves either with the self-proclaimed ‘peace keeper’ or with the ‘accused’. If any nation fails to align with the former, it is labeled evil. Drumming-up falsehood as truth to the extent that the false begins to appear as truth, is their modus. The spying and intelligence networks in the world today, are in their hands. They give false information and advice to their own bosses. The common-man of the world and even Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers, are so perfectly insulated that they do not come to know of the real truth and ground reality.

These self-proclaimed ‘world police’ support and protect the nation(s) that are created on deceit and who blatantly refuse to abide by international covenants. This group has the audacity to refuse any international agency to interfere or inspect their secret places. It is they who usurp lands of other sovereign nations and pride on torture. They use every trick in the book to enrich themselves and impoverish the rest of the world – the rich and poor nations alike. They need not fear the self-proclaimed ‘world police’ for indeed, this police is their protector. But a law-abiding nation that promises to fulfill international covenants and permits international agencies to inspect deep into its land is condemned as ‘Axis of Evil’.

These are the signs of a nation that has covered itself in arrogance. This is where the seed of annihilation lies. If sincere repentance is forthcoming, forgiveness shall follow. Else the fate of passed nations is evidence of the ways of destiny to overcome and overrule these arrogant nations.

Even before Divine wrath envelops them, there is a price they need to pay everyday, every moment, and that is – Living in FEAR. They build fortresses around themselves and live in constant threat to their life and property. Although these arrogant nations are themselves a scourge on this planet, they feel threatened by others. Fear and ignonimity is the price for their arrogance. There are Alhamdulillah, some who can stand up and tell these arrogant, deceitful Nations that they are not supreme but the scums of the Earth.

By the Power of the Lord, today there are non-violent political groups, if not Nations, who ardently and urgently want to unite under the leadership of one single slave of Allah – a Khalifah - who would be benevolent not just to the entire Muslim Ummah but to the whole world. A world filled with PEACE and abounding prosperity shall follow.

Abu Farhaan

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