Friday, July 20, 2007

Lal Masjid: Hundreds of precious lives could have been saved

Hundreds of precious lives could have been saved had the government not insisted on implementing Kufr and razing Mosques

Lal masjid (Red Mosque) administrator’s demands were implementation of Islam and rebuilding of the razed mosques. Though Hizb ut-Tahrir disagrees with the militant methodology they employed but not with their demands. Had the government been sincere in resolving Jamia Hafsa issue they would have easily done so by implementing Islam and rebuilding the razed mosques. Therefore, the sole responsibility for this massacre lies with the government. Moreover, the suborned manner in which the Presidency sabotaged the negotiation process is a clear proof that, through this crisis, America and her agent Musharraf wished to push Pakistan towards a civil war. Furthermore, they want to divide Muslims of Pakistan on the western paradigm of fundamentalists and moderates and incite them against each other. Everyone, including the government, was fully aware that a military operation will lead to further anarchy and resultantly the flames of unrest and chaos will reach urban areas of Sindh and Punjab after they had engulfed the border areas of NWFP and Balochistan province in the past. Despite that, the government employed disproportionate use of force. Musharraf’s current step is exactly inline with the colonialist policy during 1971, when the Army operation was conducted in East Pakistan in the name of establishing the writ of the state that resulted in unrest, civil war and division of Pakistan. Colonialist knew that a nuclear state like Pakistan couldn’t be destroyed by merely an external military action. That’s why they plan to make Pakistan a victim of internal strife and anarchy to soften it down into an easy prey. Moreover, this “Operation Silence” is also a warning to every individual and group that calls for the implementation of Islam and raises his voice against imperialist policies. But the imperialists and her agents are forgetting that Muslims do not fear death.

People of Pakistan ask the government; were the crimes of Jamia Hafsa so heinous and unforgivable that it required the blood of hundreds of Huffaz (memorizers of Qur’an) and students of Qur’an to redeem their sins? Why is it that the government can give forgive politicians and grant them safe-passage out of the country but those who demand the implementation of Islam are made a terrifying example for the nation? Is providing security to people running brothels so important that it justifies the starvation of hundreds of students for a whole week and then killing them in cold blood? After all where was the writ when American planes were bombing in Bajaur Agency and mass-killings were underway in Karachi? People are fully aware that this much-hyped writ of the state is only in place to impose Kufr laws and handover Muslims to the Kuffar. So what is the use of such writ anyway? The public considers the writ of a state and authority sacred only when it serves to implement Islam and not to impose Kufr and protect colonial interests. The time has come to establish the Khilafah by following the methodology of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), as the method of bullet and the ballot both are not proven from the Shari'ah.

11th July 2007

Naveed Butt
The Official Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan

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