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Threatening the re-establishment of Khilafah

The following is an article translated from the weekly newsletter of Hizb ut-Tahrir Malaysia entitled 'Sauntun Nahdah' which is published in Malay.

On the month of December 2004, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) under the American regime reporting to the President, had issued a report titled "Mapping the Global Future" where they predicted four geopolitical world scenarios by the year 2020. One of them is the rise of "A New Caliphate", where a global Islamic government who will challenge Western values []. On 6th October 2005, the leader of the world's terrorists, George W. Bush made a speech in front of an audience during a National Endowment of Democracy function in The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, told:

"The militants believe that controlling one country will rally the Muslim masses, enabling them to overthrow all moderate governments in the region, and establish a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia."

That speech was similar to that uttered by Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and few other top leaders of the American regime.

The damned Bush and his subordinates, always relentless in portraying his enemies (the muslim ummah) as terrorists, militants, radicals, extremists and other derogatory labels he deemed fit for describing those who sincerely work to re-establish the Khilafah. One factor which Bush seems to fear, of which using the word 'Caliphate', although he always refer this to an 'Islamic Empire'. He knows if he would have uttered the word 'Caliphate' even if he bears it with a negative connotation, it would bring the world's attention, and even anyone who has never heard of it will question 'What is a Caliphate?' Because of his extreme hatred and fear for the Khilafah, this enemy of Allah could not tolerate this further and he had to utter this in his hate speech.

"The danger has not passed. And it's our job here in Washington, D.C. is to always remember, always remember, the nature of the enemy we face. These people are ideologically driven people. They have a vision as to how government should work. They don't believe in dissent. They don't believe in freedom of religion. They don't believe people should be able to express themselves in the public square. They have a dark vision for humanity. They have a desire to spread their ideology as far and wide as possible to reestablish what they call a caliphate. And they're willing to use murder as the tool to achieve their objective. You cannot reason with these people, you cannot negotiate with these people. The only way to protect America is defeat them overseas so we do not have to face them here at home." [George W. Bush pada 13/06/07 in a Presidential dinner in Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C. -]

O muslim ummah, beware!

When the Khilafah was destroyed on 3rd March 1924 or 28 Rajab 1342 Hijrah, the kuffar had not stopped in making sure that the Khilafah will not rise again. Long before the abolishment of the Khilafah they had physical or conceptual confrontations with the muslims. They dragged the muslims to fight wars against them, but had only seen defeat after defeat. They fought the Crusade Wars against the muslims for nearly 200 years, but their efforts met nothing but failure. For this reason they began to think that the muslims united in Khilafah was impossible to be defeated. However the West never flinched in their hatred against the muslims. They went on further to strategize how to destroy the Khilafah and the muslim ummah from the face of the earth.

Knowing that the muslims cannot be defeated by physical means, the West had switched to the 'conceptual weapon' against the muslims. From their long observation on the muslims, they understand that the muslims' strength was on their aqeedah and their adherence to the rules of Syari'ah. Because their aqeedah, the muslims were willing to sacrifice their life for Islam. The West realizing this, set out to defeat the muslims conceptually, to corrupt the muslim mindset by detaching the muslims away from the rules of Syari'ah. When the confidence of the muslim ummah towards their own aqeedah and the rules of Syari'ah waned, destruction will set into the lives, society and state of muslims. This was what the West had planned. So the West launched a conceptual war against the muslims and used propaganda to achieve their objectives. The West knew that there are two groups of which, when controlled by them, the whole muslim ummah can be subjugated. Those two groups are the umara' (leaders) and ulama' (scholars).

The West had used this 'conceptual weapon' against the muslims and had resulted to the demise of the Khilafah on 28 Rajab 1342. They had injected the poisons of nationalism (assabiyah) and patriotism (wathaniyah) into the minds of muslims, and presented the muslims with an "independence" to each muslim states. An "independence" presented to the muslims which meant that the muslims should govern their lives according to the racial and geopolitical lines dictated by the West. These transcending objectives being portrayed by the West had resulted the muslims willing to risk their lives to achieve them. The muslims leaders and nationalists, poisoned by these false concepts of nationalism (assabiyah) and patriotism (wathaniyah) propagated the West, had seen these endeavors as sublime without knowing they had fallen into the trap laid by the West. It followed that the ulama had also risen to these endeavors and worked together with their rulers in safeguarding the nationalistic and patriotic identity according to the group they belonged to. When these two groups of people were under the control of the West, the West had further succeeded in destroying the muslim ummah and to make the muslims practice Islam in the way the West wanted.

From the treachery of the muslim leaders and the corruption of the "scholars", there arise groups among the muslim ummah who sincerely works towards the resumption of the Islamic way of life, in the individuals, society and state. They arise to warn the ummah about the collusion between the West and the muslim rulers, and warn about the "scholars" who deviate from the truth and the corrupt "scholars" who works with the rulers for worldly pleasures without the fear of Allah. These groups arise in all parts of the world, work day and night, not fearing the risk and without stopping to aware the ummah. They sincerely work to re-establish Allah's deen, through the Khilafah which will establish Islam as a way of life. They work to replace the kuffur systems which were laid by the West with the systems from Allah Subhana wa Taala dan his Messenger Muhammad sallaahu wa alaihi salaam. They call upon the muslim ummah in the world to be united in the Khilafah as the muslim were united before through the Khilafah.

The kuffar West had never been easy to witness the call to the resumption of the Islamic way of life. They will do their utmost best, along with their agents among the rulers of the muslim ummah to destroy this call towards the Haqq. They will always ensure that these agent rulers among the muslim ummah shall perform to their commands in destroying the sincere callers towards the Haqq. What the West does is to propagate slander and propaganda and their agent rulers shall execute as commanded. The West will have to say that 'in this country there is a terrorist' so the ruler of that country shall eliminate or destroy the terrorist, before the West does anything. This is exactly the success of the conceptual weapon or propaganda of the West.

Western terrorism

Before we answer to George Bush's accusation, let us examine the ideologies which shaped the lives the world's inhabitants. The place of birth of the Capitalism ideology was in Europe. The French revolution was a catalyst for this ideology. One of the leaders of this revolution was Maximilian Robespierre, who was responsible for nearly 120 thousand French deaths, including intellectuals and aristocrats who opposed his revolution. He was then punished to death on 27 July 1793. The Socialism ideology also began with bloodshed which was the seeds for a Socialist Government and a life under Socialism in Russia. War and bloodshed ended when Lenin was elected as the leader of this Socialist government when the Bolshevik revolution has succeeded in a bloody confrontation in 1917 toppling the Czar. The Czar, Nikolai II was forced to abdicate and his family executed by the Socialists. During this revolution, Russia was in a state of civil war between the Socialists and the Czarists for 3 years. When Lenin died, Stalin took over and during his despotic period, more than 20 million people in Russia lost their lives.

The same thing was done by Bush, defending his Capitalism ideology. He accused the muslim groups of being terrorists, but in fact he is the worst terrorist in the world. This leader of the kuffar terrorized Iraq, Afghanistan and other muslim countries and continues to do so. The groups who are working to revive the Khilafah were accused by him of murdering innocent people, but already hundred of thousands of innocent people were killed by him, in the pretext of bringing "security" to the world. In the fa├žade of establishing democracy in Iraq, already 70,000 Iraqis have lost their lives under the Bush regime, mostly women and children []. Hundreds of thousands of others have lost their homes, suffered birth defects, died of hunger, starvation and lack of medicine from the US sanctions. This is the reality of the Bush administration's work to establish democracy in muslim lands. Is this not the bloody revolution which Bush wants to propagate the Capitalism ideology in muslim lands, like his predecessors during the French revolution? It is only the fear in our muslim leaders towards the America regime who kept them silent and who do not want to accept this fact. Washington Post reported on 11th October 2006, which exposed Bush lies when they said, 'It is more than 20 times the estimate of 30,000 civilian deaths that President Bush gave in a speech in December. It is more than 10 times the estimate of roughly 50,000 civilian deaths made by the British-based Iraq Body Count research group.' Apart from that, the official body count of US military personnel killed in Iraq is 3,524 [].

O muslim ummah! We wish to warn you by the Book of Allah Subhana wa Taala, that the kuffar West will not recede in harming the muslims. Although Hizbut Tahrir is working to revive the muslim ummah towards the re-establishment of the Khilafah, they are not only trying to counter Hizbut Tahrir's ideas and actions, but also muslims who carry the same ideas with them. Remember the words of Allah Subhana wa Taala,

"Never will the Jews and Christian be satisfied with you unless you follow their form of religion" [TMQ al-Baqarah:120].

Allah Subhana wa Taala also says in His Book,

"Nor they will cease fighting you until they turn you back from their faith if they can" [TMQ al-Baqarah (2):217].

When we examine from the Islamic viewpoint, we will understand that whatever the actions of the West is to destroy the muslim ummah. This is evident from the their own words and what is concealed in their hearts is far worse.

The establishment of Daulah Islam by Rasulullah

Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam has worked to establish the deen of Allah in Makkah for nerly 13 years, but Allah had chosen Madinah and not Makkah as the place of the establishment of the Daulah Islam. In this period of trying to establish the state, Rasulullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam and his companions did not resorted to physical strength. Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam met fierce resistance from the Quraysh, but Rasulullah did not reciprocate this resistance with any physical confrontation. What was evident is that many of the companions were captured, tortured, and killed, but the companions did not resorted to physical means for their defense. Rasulullah had not allowed them to retaliate the Quraysh actions with physical means, whatever the Quraysh did to the companions. What actually happened is that the da'wa which was carried by Rasulullha and his companions were conceptual, attacking the kufur concepts carried by the Quraysh with Islamic concepts base on Allah's Revealation. This carried on until the last phase of da'wa carried on by the muslims in Makkah. Although the people of Aus and Khazraj (the people of Ansar) met Rasulullah in Aqabah by giving the pledge to Rasulullah, Rasulullah steadfast in his da'wa without any physical means. This clearly showed that establishment of the Daulah Islam from the beginning was intellectually and did not have any confrontation through physical means.

Compared to few revolutions which had happened in the history which took millions of lives, the inqilab process (radical change in concepts) did not cost a single life, or in other words there was not a single person which was killed by Rasulullah or ordered by Rasulullah to be killed before the change can be initiated. It is clear that the process of change (taghyiir) happened without the death of anyone. This is because the society is brought to a 'conceptual revolution' and not a 'bloody revolution'. Rasulullah had succeeded in establishing the state without shedding a drop of blood. But during the process, it was some of the companions had lost their lives because of the persecution of the Quraysh. They were caught, tortured and killed because they called for the Haq to be established. They were martyrs in the cause of Allah and rewarded with Jannah. So the pleasure and reward of Allah be with them and whosoever who follow their path of struggle to establish the Haqq.

This is the struggle taken by Hizbut Tahrir everywhere in the world where Hizbut Tahrir had taken the example of Rasulullah's struggle to establish the Daulah Islam. Hizbut Tahrir's da'wa is not through any physical means of violence to reviving the Islamic way of life (isti'naf al-hayah al-islamiyah) by establishing the Khilafah 'ala minhaj nubuwwah. The kuffar wEst knows, when the Khilafah is established, their way of life is doomed. Daulah Khilafah will be run by a Khalifah who will unite the muslims and launch jihad against the enemies of Islam like America, Israel and their allies. This is the Daulah which will resuscitate the muslims' strength and honor. And this is the trauma which America and Israel do not want to face.

The fear of the kuffar West against the revival of the daulah Khilafah is evident from time to time. Soi they never cease creating propaganda saying that the establishment of the Khilafah is a form of terrorism. This will justify the acts of terrorism which they had committed against the muslim ummah. So if they killed the muslims, it is not their fault, because they have killed the terrorists. This smear tactics is ineffective against the muslim minds, as the muslim ummah had been aware of this long before that the West are the real terrorists. So what the west wants to achive is the collosion between them and the leaders of the muslim ummah in killing the muslims. The West hopes that the leaders of the muslim ummah will destroy those who are working to revive the Khilafah. The West knows that the leaders of the muslim ummah are those who desire power and want to remain in power. The West also knows that these leaders will obey the West out of fear. The West exactly knows that Hizbut Tahrir does not engage with physical confrontation in re-establishing the Khilafah, they will accuse this re-establishment of Khilafah with violence and terrorism and hopes that the leaders of the muslim ummah will support them in ensuring that the Khilafah shall not rise again.

O muslim ummah! By the bounties of Allah, the lands which you inhabitate is abundant with natural resources. If all the muslim unites in one state, we will have all the richness of nature and manpower. If all the muslim unite in one state Daulah Khilafah, it means that we will control the flow of the sources energy like oil. Daulah Islam will have the largest share of petroleum (60%), boron (49%), phosphate (50%), strontium (27%), tin (22%), and uranium in the world [Jihad and the Foreign Policy of the Khilafah State- Zahid Ivan-Salam]. Geopolitically, our lands will stretch to the most strategically important places like the Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Dardanella Straits and Bosphorus which connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean, the Hormuz Straits in the Gulf and Malacca Straits in South East Asia. With these important places the whole world will depend on the muslim ummah in whatever relations and transactions involving the international community. With a total population of 1.5 billion with a large percentage of them are the youth, this has given the muslim ummah a potential strength in military. With those credentials among the muslim ummah, the west would naturally panic with the re-emergence of the Khilafah, which definitely threaten their position in the world. Fearing this will come true, the West accuse the global Islamic party who are trying to revive the Khilafah with terrorism and violence. Whatever propaganda the West carries out, is a matter of fact that they are getting weaker!

O muslim ummah! It is a fact of life in this world, that the call towards the Haqq will eventually cause the distress to those who wishes to cling to the Bathil. So the callers towards the Haqq will be persecuted by the kuffar, zalim and fasiq. It is not surprising that the callers for the revival of the Khilafah united in one flag 'La ila illallah Muhammad Rasulullah' will always be watched closely and persecuted by the enemies of Islam through their agents rulers. Accusation and propaganda will be thrown to by the enemies of Islam to the callers of the Haqq. We wish to advise the musim ummah to ignore the propaganda of the enemies of Allah against us. We should not be fearful towards the enemies of Allah as Allah is always with us and with them is the accursed Syaithan. Our souls are in the hands of Allah and not in their hands. Behold, that Allah has promised us with victory and Jannah as He has promised Rasulullah and his companions before us, while the kuffar West together with the accursed Syaithan with the Fire of Hell. Na'uzubillah min zalik.


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Salam ,

Can you please help in answering the following questions:

1- What is the hukum for people who chose to live outside the islamic state WITHOUT any VALID Shahra reason ? People who believe that they will be better off living in UK or US then the islamic State purely for materialistic reasons.

2- What is the liguestistic meaning of “Ummah” and what is the Sharah meaning of “Ummah” will the type of people mentioned above in point one can be considered as part of the Ummah under the Sharah meaning of it? Or they will be considered as just muslims living out side the state but not part of one “Ummah”

Please help to explain