Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An-Nahda Institute - courses & online presentations

An-Nahdah Institute has been established due to the shortage in academic Islamic institutions presenting Islamic studies in a relevant fashion. While there are several establishments that offer Islamic studies, they are either inaccessible, unaffordable, or present Islamic education as a classical literature without relating it to the current time and situation that Muslims are experiencing.

An-Nahdah Institute attempts to present Islamic knowledge in a relevant manner, relating the Islamic texts to the daily affairs of the Muslim individual and the Ummah at large.

An-Nahdah Institute aims at providing deep knowledge of Islam in order to:
- Provide Muslims the tools necessary to view and evaluate the changing world events through an Islamic perspective.
- Develop Islamic thought which will impact their behavior and enable them to teach it to others.

Course Instructors

Ustadh Mohammed Hannini - BA from City University of New York specializing in Middle Eastern and early Islamic history- Currently pursuing the Masters Program at American Open University (Arabic and Islamic Studies) specializng in Usool-ud-Deen- Worked as an Imam in Queens, NY - As an Imam, conducted regular classes on various Islamic topics and the Arabic language- Founded the Shari'a Academy where he taught courses in Usool-ul-Fiqh, Fiqh-ul-Ibadaat, and Ilm-ul-Hadith- Attended Islam and Science Institute where he studied Tauheed, Fiqh, Hadith, and Tafseer - Lectured both nationally and internationally in many masajid and universities- Recorded audio and video tapes on various topics of Islam

Ustadh Abu Abdallah Alhassan Abdallah - Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Br. Abu Abdallah studied Tawheed & Tafseer under Shaikh Mohammad Ja'moor (Syria), Tafseer & General Islamic Studies under Shaikh Ali Madani from Al-Azhar, and Hadith and Fiqh under Shaikh Mohammed Sayyed (Al-Azhar). Br. Abu Abdallah acquired his BS from Manmouth University in New Jersey. Br. Abu Abdallah has written many articles and delivered many lectures on various Islamic and contemporary subjects. He has taught Arabic for non-Arabic speaking Muslims. He has also taught Ilm-ul-Hadith, Riayad-us-Saliheen.

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