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Scholars of the Ummah Call for Khilafah

The following is a translation from Arabic.

Report by the Information Committee of Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia

The Khilafah Conference held in Indonesia which was attended by over one hundred thousand, proved to be highly effective in focusing on and highlighting the issue of Khilafah and the Hizb ut-Tahrir to the Muslims there. While at the same time, the hearts of the secularists who raise the banner of Capitalist democracy were filled with rage. It will be pertinent to remind them of Allah’s words:

قل موتوا بغيظكم
"Say: "Perish in your rage.” [TMQ Aal Imran : 119]

The Muslims, both individually as well as their organizations are now more concerned than ever about their great Islam and the Khilafah about the restoration of which the Prophet (saw) had given glad tidings in an authentic narration.

The Islamic parties there organised a seminar there under the theme: The Khilafah on the model of the Prophet (saw) or American Capitalist Democracy? This was organised under the patronage of the Federation of the Islamic Ummah, the FUI.

This seminar was held in a spacious hall at the famous al-Azhaar Mosque on Nov. 16th, 2007 after the Friday prayers and was attended by the Ulama, Shaikhs and representatives of prominent Islamic parties. The Ulama included: Shaikh Rushdie Humka, the head of al-Azhaar, al-Haaj Nazri ‘Adlani, the chairman of the FUI, Shaikh Amr Allah Ahmad, President of the Islamic Brotherhood Movement of Indonesia, Shaikh Khaleel Radwan, the President of the Islamic Council of Ulama in Indonesia, Mohammad Ismail Yusanto, the representative of the Hizb ut-Tahrir in Indonesia, Mr. Mashaadi, the president of the Islamic Ummah Congregation, it was also attended by Shaikh Mohammad Ma’moon, of the Dar al Falah Institute, Bandjalang, Shaikh Ameen Noor of the al Taqwa Institute, Mr Abu Jibreel of the Mujahideen Council Indonesia, Mr. Ja’far Sadiq of Islamic Protection Front, Dr. Bambang Sitiyo of the Society of the Shariah Adherents, and Mr Fadla al Gharmah, who is a Da’ee from Papua and other prominent personalities. The event was attended by about 3000 people.

Shaikh Rushdie Humka, the head of al-Azhaar said that the struggle to implement the Islamic Sharee’ah in Indonesia had started immediately after the independence and the Islamic parties fought for application of the Sharee’ah laws, but the treachery and oppression of every government especially the long years of the Suharto regime that came to power diluted the call. He felt that the need of the hour is to have parties that are serious and highly committed to the call.

Al-Haaj Nazri ‘Adlani, the chairman of the FUI voiced for the unification of the Ummah and called the Muslims not to remain divided. He reminded that the companions of the Prophet (saw) chose to elect their Khaleefah before undertaking the burial of the Prophet (saw) himself, which is sufficient evidence regarding the importance of inaugurating a Khaleefah over the burial. He concluded by saying that it was imperative for the Islamic Ummah to have the Bai’ah of a Khaleefah over its’ neck and this can only be achieved by restoration of the Khilafah.

Mr Abu Bakr Bashir, head of the Mujahideen Council of Indonesia said that it was incumbent upon the Islamic Ummah to live under the shade of the Wali who implemented the Islamic Sharee’ah which implies having a world wide Khilafah. He added that it was imperative to transform the Indonesian system because this is the command of Allah (swt). With out such a Khilafah, the Muslim lands are torn apart, their resources are plundered and blood is spilled without a concern and the Ummah has been confronted with severe problems. He further said that in order to have the Sharee’ah implemented it was absolutely necessary to have a Islamic State, anyone who denies this would be denying a command of Allah (swt).

Ahmad Sumargno, the head of the Islamic Brotherhood Movement of Indonesia was of the view that the Ummah needed the Khilafah and to achieve this, it is necessary to change the present secular system to an Islamic system either through reforms or revolution.

Shaikh Amr Allah Ahmad, President if the Islamic Brotherhood Movement of Indonesia said that the entire world is current in the grasp of democracy, although it is haram to either adopt or even promoting calls for it. This is because democracy is based on secularism which rejects the Islamic Sharee’ah, while Allah (swt) has mandated that the Sharee’ah be implemented. Democracy assigns sovereignty of human beings and therefore if the Islamic Ummah adopted democracy as its creed it would go astray from the straight path. He observed that it is obligatory for the Islamic Ummah to take recourse to the Quran, the Sunnah and Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood as this is the only correct course to take.

Shaikh Khaleel Radwan, the President of the Islamic Council of Ulama in Indonesia said that he whole heartedly agreed with Khilafah, but as of now it is only a dream. He therefore held the view that why should we not harness democracy to implement Islam and await the return of the Khilafah. It may be reminded that this council is known to be closely allied with the authorities.

This was followed by the talk given by Mohammad Ismail Yusanto, the representative of the Hizb ut-Tahrir in Indonesia. He said that the Khilafah was an obligation upon every individual and Islamic organisation. Therefore every party is obliged to work seriously for establishment of the Khilafah and propagate the concept of Khilafah. He stressed that the struggle to establish the Khilafah is a political one and therefore it was inevitable to have a political party based on the Islamic ‘Aqeedah with objective of restoring the Islamic lifestyle by establishing a Khilafah based on the method of the Prophethood. He said that in order to achieve this objective, it was indispensible to change the current democratic secular system to the Islamic Khilafah, and this would be a revolutionary transformation.

It is obligatory for the members of the parliament to correct their course and cultivate fear of Allah (swt) in their work and to be mindful of their Muslim identity even though they may have elected to the parliament through un-Islamic means. They were still obliged to stand by Islam and propagate the call for Khilafah. It remains their duty to confront the secular democracies and join forces with those who are working to abolish man-made systems and replace them with an Islamic State. It is only this system of Khilafah that will solve the problems of this Ummah in a fair and equitable manner as mandated by Allah (swt).

In conclusion, this seminar pointed to the voice of the overwhelming majority focus of this Ummah in support of Islam and its ruling system of the Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood, Allah willing, this will certainly be a reality and that will be the day when the believers will rejoice in the victory blessed on them by Allah (swt).

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alhamdulillah, very encouraging to see more and more scholars are taking up this call of khilafah. it is only a matter of time inshallah.