Sunday, February 24, 2008

American pressure on India exposes double standards on nuclear conventions

The following was received from a brother.

On 20/2/08 Senator Kerry, the South Asian Affairs Sub-Committee chairman, told Mr. Singh and other top Indian government officials “‌In order to be able to have time to debate this and pass it in the Senate, it would really probably have to be received somewhere in May, at the latest, in order to give time to be able to pass," he said. "So I think somewhere in the next weeks some kind of decision has got to happen because we are just going to run out of time.” The pact would give India access to American nuclear fuel and reactors. However, America ‘s position exposes its hypocrisy towards nuclear conventions enshrined in the charter of the IAEA. India rather than being punished has been rewarded for its refusal to sign treaties on non-proliferation and nuclear testing. She is one of the few countries to have tested atomic weapons in 1974 and again in 1998. In the case of Iran , it has fully complied with IAEA conventions, but is still portrayed as a pariah state by the US , even though there is no evidence of a nuclear weapons programme. Iran ‘s only crime is that it is guilty of having ‘thought’ about the possession of nuclear weapons.

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Anonymous said...


Can not the pact be seen as strengthening Iran's "right" to have nuclear technology? Although the rhetoric coming from the US is one of endless threats, the very public display of Bush's India-American nuclear deal in March 2006 during one of the peaks of the Iranian nuclear controversy seems to indicate that iran's case is being made stronger. It seems of recent that their are powers to be that wish to see the proliferation of nuclear technology. Talk has even reached Eygpt and Indonesia - this is unheard of. Not to mention the trend talk of the day - climate change. What should we make of this world wide push for nuclear technology?

Abu Taha.