Sunday, February 03, 2008

Butcher of Waziristan meets Butcher of Palestine

Recent reports have reached Pakistan that General Musharraf held a clandestine meeting with Ehud Barak in Paris on 23/1/08. According to a report on a pro-Israeli web-site ynetnews Barak said, “We support your people and back you due to your significance in securing world peace," Barak said. Musharraf placed his hand on Barak's shoulder and replied, "Thank you very much. God willing, I hope you will make progress in the peace process." In fact so eager was Musharraf to strengthen his relationship with Israel that he convened a second meeting which lasted for an hour. With the spilt blood of Muslims as a common platform between the two leaders, it was reported that they discussed Iran and extremism as mutual topics of interest.

Over the years Musharraf has tirelessly positioned himself before the Pakistani people as the champion of the Palestinian cause; however, Musharraf like the other rulers of the Muslim world has already abandoned Palestinians in exchange for Israeli recognition. Once again, Musharraf like the other rulers is looking for a convenient opportunity to publicly announce his full fledged support for Israel and its belligerent policies against the Palestinians.

The problem of Palestine like the other burning issues of the Muslim world must be treated comprehensively, and the ummah must work hard to remove the despotic leaders who readily embrace her enemies by working hard to re-establish the Islamic Khilafah.

Abid Mustafa

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