Sunday, February 24, 2008

Election results: What does it mean for Pakistan?

The following was received from a brother.

Musharraf’s party, the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) was routed in the Pakistani parliamentary elections held on 18/2/2008. The opposition PML (Nawaz Groups) and Pakistan ‘s Peoples Party under the stewardship of Zardari have done really well, but lack the majority to form the new government. This result does not damage Musharraf’s position as yet, as he has plenty of room to forge close ties between PPP the largest vote taker of all the parties and other smaller parties loyal to Musharraf. There is even possibility for PPP to team up with PML (Nawaz) and form a new government. These two parties have a great opportunity to form a national government, dismiss Musharraf and overturn Anglo-American policies in Pakistan. But expected outcome is that they will follow their predecessors, implement western policies and be counted as traitors by the Pakistani people.


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