Sunday, February 03, 2008

Karzai readily admits to being an American puppet

On 26/1/08 President Hamid Karzai speaking to CNN said, “The US administration has helped Afghanistan and if we are called puppets, or if I am called a puppet because we are grateful to America, then let that be my nickname.” The remark was no slip of the tongue, and Karzai unashamedly poured more praise on his America masters. He said, “Anyway, Americans have helped Afghanistan tremendously…The truth is that without the United States in Afghanistan, Afghanistan would be a very poor, miserable country…” Whilst Karzai’s admission about being an American agent comes as no surprise, his remarks about Afghanistan becoming better under American occupation is a gross distortion of the reality. The truth of the matter is that two-thirds of the country is outside Karzai’ control and the writ of the government does not even extend beyond parts of Kabul. The country is under crusader occupation, the people are destitute and rely on food–hand outs from aid agencies and the greatest source of foreign exchange is narcotics. For Karzai to ignore such facts and instead praise the US clearly demonstrates that he is not only indifferent towards his people, but is deluded and deserves to locked up in a lunatics asylum

Abid Mustafa

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