Friday, February 01, 2008

Stop the killing of Muslims in the tribal areas at the behest of America

The killing of Muslims at the behest of America must be stopped immediately. The people are aware that America would never want to fight a nuclear Pakistan openly, that is why America wants Pakistan to be weakened through a civil war. Today, the greatest danger to Pakistan is the agent rulers who weaken Pakistan, upon instruction from the enemy. America is given a new lease of life through the daily slaughter of upto thirty to forty Muslims. Was Pakistan ever the victim of such strife before 9-11? Before America's intervention in Pakistan were there suicide attacks, even though jihadi activists and so-called extremists were present previously. So, to call such people the cause of strife is nothing but a falsehood. In fact, this strife is the outcome of Musharraf's senseless policies, under the banner of "Pakistan First." Where is "Pakistan First" when this war is being fought just forty kilometres away from Peshawar and waged against Pakistanis themselves by means of helicopters and tanks? Where is Pakistan first, when Muslims are being killed on both sides in this war, whilst the crusaders are enjoying the show from the comfort of their drawing rooms? RasulAllah (saw) spoke about such rulers when he said:

''...the worst of your Imams are those whom you hate and they hate you, and you curse them and they curse you."

O Muslims! You mustn't keep quiet whilst you witness this oppression. O Islamic political parties! Why are do you remain silent about this crime? Instead of mobilising the people on the streets against these rulers, you appeal for aid for the victims of this war in the tribal areas! O sincere officers in the Pakistan army! For how long will you kill your fellow Muslims in support of the kafireen? For how long will you help this agent Musharraf who is burning down our own house? It is high time you stepped forward and rescued the Muslims from this slavery by providing the material support for the establishment of the Khilafah, which is the only way for success and honour.

Naveed Butt

The Official Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan

28th Jan, 2008

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