Sunday, March 02, 2008

Strange are the Ways of My Lord!

Readers are suggested to read the passage in perspective to the vilification of Islam by its enemies and the growth of Islamic spirit in Muslims .

In the Name of Allah, The most Beneficent, The most Merciful

Islam thrives in adversities. So, thank you adversaries, for your actions are helping us to move almost effortlessly in uniting the Muslim world under the umbrella of a single Khalifah. Had you not been so aggressive in opposing Islam, our work would have been that bit laborious. Apart from the help we are getting from you, we derive the conviction in the correctness of our path and the frailty of yours. The desperation of Erdogan(s) and Bush(s) around the world is too evident to be concealed. The most docile and unassuming Muslim is sitting up and asking, "What is it that the enemy is dead afraid of us? Which is that power in us that we have ourselves not recognized yet, while the enemy has morbid fear?" The answers to these prying questions presume that Islam is a power to recon with. Khilafah is the answer.

Strange are the ways of Allah (SWT) who knows excellently how to use His enemies to His advantage. My Lord, better than any super strategist, can use the Shaitan to build Islam's fort although His plan is supreme and powerful enough to manifest itself without anybody’s help. Conversely, His plan is too powerful to be changed or stopped by anybody. To believe that human designs can override or even alter Divine plan is a folly. His plan will unfold itself exactly as He has structured it, correct to the micro-second and precise to the hair-breath. A certain style of martial arts works by using the opponent's force to one's benefit. Likewise the enemies' plans are only helping us to unite better and faster.

The USA had to become arrogant so that it would bite the dust. The hated World-Police had to go for Gautanamo and Abu Ghraib to be despised by nations and people across the globe. The Superpower tag was necessary for it to be forced to kneel before one nation after another. The spiraling NASDAQ and interest-based financial exploitation was indispensable before the great USA held the begging bowl today.

The Danish cartoons are no less desperate acts. They smell of rot within and jittery outside. The attempt of Turkey to erase the Hadith and reinterpret the Quran is proof of their ignorance that the challenge to change it is 1429 years old. The Quranic verse proclaiming that 'We have send down this Book and We shall guard it', is no small protection. The attempt to conceal or manipulate the Quran is futile but it surely makes us - the Muslims sit up and hold it more firmly than every before.

Those who commit crime upon crime refuse to be called criminals while innocent Muslims are hounded as terrorists. Muslims refuse to take the blame of the blamers. This only makes more people embrace Islam and study it as an ideological, intellectual and political alternative to the crumbling ruling systems of today. Look out, the Khilafah is round the corner. 

Abu Farhaan

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Mashallah, very well written.