Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pakistan about to cede its nuclear sovereignty to America

After having recently described the Federal Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of Pakistan the most dangerous region in the world, the US is now seeking direct access to Pakistan's nuclear assets. On 14/4/2008 a Pakistani newspaper reported that the US State Department wanted to permanently assign an official at the US embassy in Islamabad to monitor Pakistan 's nuclear issues. Furthermore, the US wants the official to have direct access to Pakistan's National Command Authority (NCA) Secretariat. The latest demand comes hot on the heels of the 11 humiliating conditions, stipulated by the US a few weeks ago. President Musharraf's unstinting support to America , has now paved the way for the US to have direct control over Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. The present government of Gilani and the opposition show no signs of anxiety or opposition to the US proposal. In comparison, Indian politicians adopted a bolder stance than their spineless Pakistani counterparts. They vehemently objected to America's nuclear deal with the Congress led government on the basis that it undermined India's nuclear sovereignty. Subsequently, this has made it extremely difficult for America to impose controls over India's nuclear assets.


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