Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Books from Revival Publications

The following books have been recently published by Revival Publications and are now available to purchase:

The Islamic Way of Thinking [English]
By Hasan Abdullah

Islam is a unique ideology based upon a unique Aqeedah (belief), which serves as the foundation for a unique system of rules. The distinct nature of Islam would lead someone to ask whether or not Islam came to also shape the thinking process, which is a process common to all human beings.

Thinking is universal, like the processes of eating and walking. However, because human beings adopt different Aqaid (beliefs) and the adoption of any Aqeedah builds a person intellectually in a specific format. Then the Aqeedah serves as the intellectual framework that defines the outlook towards life as well as the reference and foundation upon which the person builds all other thoughts. Thus, the Aqeedah by its nature mandates a distinct way of thinking. Once the Islamic Aqeedah is adopted in a correct intellectual manner based upon sound intellectual thinking and not based on imitation of ancestors, blind faith, instinctive emotions, or benefit will undoubtedly change the individual into an intellectual ideological person. Then the individual will start to think in a distinct method with a distinct style and inclination. And this distinct thinking will manifest in a distinct pattern of behaviour.

This 149 page book addresses the different types of thinking that currently exist within the Muslim Ummah and addresses important subjects such as:
• The Islamic Method of Acquiring Knowledge
• How Muslims Study Islam Today – Scholastic, Emotional & Sufi Methods
• Characteristics of the Current Islamic Thought – Superficial, Scientific, Emotional, Logical, Metaphysics, etc.
• The Impact of Neglecting the Islamic Method of Thinking
• Factors Resulting in the Divergence from the Islamic Way of Thinking
• Greek & Eastern Philosophies
• The Western Intellectual Invasion
• Characteristics of the Islamic Way of Thinking

Price: £4 GBP, postage/courier rates will apply.

Riyasat-e-Islami (The Islamic State) [Urdu]
By Sheikh Taqiuddin An-Nabhani

If the Muslim Ummah, had in the past, lived in a country which did not stretch beyond the Arabian Peninsula, and which at that time numbered only a few million, and despite that when she embraced Islam and carried its Message she represented a world superpower in the face of the two major camps at the time, whereupon she struck them both simultaneously, conquered their lands and spread Islam over almost the whole of the inhabited parts of the world at that time, then what are we to say about the Ummah today; numbering more than one billion, spread over countries that are geographically linked together; if she were a single state, stretching from Spain in the East to China in the West and from Turkey in the north to Malaysia in the south, occupying the best part of the world in terms of resources and strategic points, and carrying a single correct ideology to the world? She would undoubtedly constitute a front which would be stronger in every respect than the leading superpowers put together.

This 263 page book about the Islamic State is not meant to narrate its history but to explain how the Messenger of Allah established the Islamic State, and to show how the disbelieving colonialists destroyed it. It demonstrates how Muslims should re-establish their State so that the light that guided the world in the darkest of ages returns to enlighten humanity once again.

Price: £4 GBP, postage/courier rates will apply.

How to Purchase through Paypal

Please send an email to with your name, full address, book title, quantity required and a contact number. Revival Publications will then send you a payment request form from Paypal which you need to complete. Upon receiving payment, your book/s will be dispatched. Paypal accepts payments through any major Card.
Please note: Purchasing in bulk decreases the courier charges which are normally high for a single book so it is better to buy a few together with your friends/family. The books will be delivered within 3-5 days of receiving the payment.


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How can I get the Books in India ?

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This website is no more now. Is this an HT publication?