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Views on the news - 9/7/08

Anglican Church declares women Bishops acceptable

On 8/7/2008 The Church of England's legislative body voted in support of ordaining women bishops. Women have been ordained priests since 1994 in the Church of England. Today, one in six of England's parish priests are women, but they have been restricted from serving as bishops. There are also voices from within the Church to accept homosexual priests. Clearly, this demonstrates that the gravest danger facing any religion under secularism is that secular fundamentalists will not rest until religious dogma is revised and agrees with their viewpoint on life. Muslims living in the West should seize this opportunity and explain to disgruntled Christians about the virtues of Khilafah and how Christian beliefs and teaching were protected by Islam in Spain, Sicily and Palestine.

Russia threatens military force against US plans for Czech Republic

The United States and Czech Republic on 08/07/2008 signed an accord, which US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice described as a significant step toward global security. The agreement is part of US attempts to neutralize Russia’s huge nuclear arsenal. Unsurprisingly, Russia reacted strongly towards the accord. “If the agreement with the United States liable for ratification by the Czech parliament eventually becomes a law, and the deployment of US missile defense elements really starts in direct proximity to our borders, we will have to use military-technical rather than diplomatic methods,” the Russian ministry statement said. All along the US has used the pretext of threats from Iran and North Korea to justify the placement of military equipment in Eastern Europe, as part of its missile shield programme. On 09/07/2008, the US got a boost to its arguments as the Iranians test fired. But the Russians do not believe in such assertions and insist that Washington wants to use Eastern Europe and former soviet states to offset Russia’s nuclear arsenal and compromise its border security.

American and British agents convene D-8 summit

On 8/7/2008 agents of eight Muslim nations agreed to embark on joint ventures to boost food production and endorsed a 10-year blueprint to expand trade cooperation. The countries met as part of D-8 which was formed in 1997—the group brings together Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh , Pakistan , Iran , Turkey , Egypt and Nigeria , a market of nearly one billion people. However, since its inception it has remained an ineffective instrument to change the plight of the ummah. This is because all of its leaders are competing with each other to safeguard the interests of their colonial masters and pay scant regard to the issues of the ummah. The 10 year blue print pledged by the participant will bring nothing more than more misery and humiliation for the ummah. The time has come for the Muslims in these countries to stand shoulder to shoulder and work for the resumption of the Khilafah Rashida. Only then will they be free from the tyranny and the oppression of the agents of colonialism

US attacks on Pakistan’s tribal belt maybe imminent

On 9/7/2008 the US announced that it was sending air power to Afghanistan amid reports that American commandos are poised to stage hot pursuit raids into Fata. US military officials told reporters in Washington that the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and its escort vessels were moved out of the Gulf to the Arabian Sea, shortening the time that the carrier’s strike planes must take to support operations in Afghanistan. The declaration comes soon after Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher’s visit to Pakistan. During his visit Boucher openly spoke about America’s desire to have more of a free hand in slaughtering Muslims of the tribal region. Furthermore, he was pleased at Gilani’s government’s U turn in sending Pakistani forces to kill fellow Pakistanis.

However, the most disappointing aspect of this situation is the reluctance of military and civic leaders to oppose the US. If countries like Venezuela and North Korea, can stand up to the US, then what is preventing Pakistan. Pakistan with its huge professional army and nuclear weapons is in a much better position to withstand US threats.

9th July 2008

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