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Views on the news - 31/07/08

UK’s liberalism fails convince young Muslim minds

On 27/7/2008 the English paper the Telegraph published an article about the attitudes of Muslims students in the UK. It stated that 40% of students supported the introduction into law for Muslims in Britain, 59 % said that hijjab was important and 33% supported the creation of a worldwide Muslim caliphate. Furthermore, 57 % believed that Muslims serving in the armed forces should have the right to opt out of the army if they are required to fight in Muslim countries. The article attributed the findings to the radicalization of the students at Britain’s schools and universities. However, away from the media grabbing headlines of radicalization a more nuanced explanation is that Western liberalism has failed to convince young minds that have been exposed to western culture from the cradle. This is a golden opportunity for Muslims of Britain to expose the flaws of Western liberalism and present Islam as an alternative ideology to the wider British society.

Obama speech woos Europeans but also captivates some Muslims

On 25/7/2008, 200,000 Germans gathered to hear Obama speak in Berlin. The speech dazzled not only the Germans by also the rest of Europe. Even some Muslims were swayed by some of Obama’s remarks and felt that he could make real difference to the predicament of the Muslim world. The truth of the matter is that there is very little difference between McCain and Obama in foreign policy matters, especially when it concerns the Muslim world. Obama on his whirlwind tour stood on the side of the Israelis against the Palestinians, supported Kirzai and Malaki’s efforts in the continuation of America’s occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and warned Iran to reign in its nuclear programme or face the consequences. Muslims should reflect deeply on Obama’s numerous nefarious statements about the Muslim world, so that they are not smitten by lofty words which in practice carry no weight at all.

Muslims in Kenya denied justice

On 30/7/2008 Muslim leaders in Kenya accused Cabinet Secretary and Public Service Head Francis Muthaura of blocking the release of a presidential report on injustices committed against the Muslim community. In 2007 Kibaki commissioned the study after protests by Muslims against a wave of arrests that saw 18 detainees deported to Ethiopia and one to U.S. custody at Guantanamo Bay . The delay in the publication of the report is fuelling speculation that the government was involved in the deportations. This is not surprising, as Kenya is a subordinate state of the US and is central to America ’s war against Islam in Africa . What Muslims of Kenya need to realize is that there demand for justice can only be fulfilled by the re-establishment of the Khilafah and not the agent rulers of America .

Gilani supports America’s war on Pakistan ’s tribal belt

On his first visit to Washington, Pakistan ’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani reiterated his commitment to the war against “extremists and terrorists” after meeting US President George W. Bush on 28/7/2008. He said that his country was “committed to fight against those extremists and terrorists who are destroying and making the world not safe. This is a war which is against Pakistan, and we'll fight for our own cause.” On day of Gilani’s visit, the US intentionally launched missile strikes on Azam Warsak village in the South Waziristan tribal region. This was immediately followed by the launch of fresh military operation in Swat conducted by the Pakistani army. In return for spilling Muslim blood and subjugating the people of Pakistan to America’s control, Washington is promising $15 billion in aid. This amounts to $88 per Pakistani. But so enthusiastic is the leadership of Pakistan to subjugate their people to American domination that they have started military operations without receiving a single cent. Is this how much the leaders of Pakistan think the blood of their people is worth. The messenger (saw) of Allah said,” the blood of a Muslims is worth more than the Kaba and all of its surroundings”.


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