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Women development policy and the deadly venom of secularism

The following is a translation of article written by Fahmida Farhana Khanom, Spokeswoman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh:

At last the caretaker government has suspended the disputed women policy on the face of continuous protests by different Islamic political parties, scholars and the vast majority of religious people of this country. The reactions of certain quarters to this news was expected. The secular intellectuals who are disconnected from the mass people and are blind worshipers of secularism as well as some extremely reactionary feminist organizations funded by the West expressed their disgust on the matter. As they failed to implement their heinous conspiracy, they became more and more fierce with anger and started to deliver their wanton speeches at different seminars and writing in some extremely biased media.

We should recognise the true face of those people who are eager to make laws against Quran and Sunnah, and are ever ready with all their efforts and abilities to denounce and defame Islam and its scholars as backward and oppressors of women. These people are keen to portray indiscriminately all Islamic parties as terrorists. They are widely known as liberal, secular and the vanguard of women’s rights movement. If we can truly recognise their faces and ill intentions behind their every action, we will be able to foil all their conspiracies. Otherwise this nation may have to pay a high price by getting trapped in their tricks and illusions.

Before we discuss about the women development policy, we need to understand the real face of secular politics and talk about terrorism or fundamentalism because secularists have always used this as an effective weapon to denounce religion based politics. Some anti-Islamic media spend their utmost effort to malign activists of Islamic parties with their false reports and lies. This has become more prominent after the fierce clashes recently between some Islamic activists and police outside the Baitul Mukarram mosque premise on the 11th of April, 2008. Following this incident, one Abu Sayeed Khan wrote a column in the Daily Ittefaq on 21st April, 2008 issue with a heading "Religion is mine but State is for everyone". He wrote, "Religion based politics is the open platform for all terrorists groups.... There should be no doubt about the chaos and anarchy that was caused by different types of fundamentalists in Baitul Mukarram area on last April 11. Many mysteries can be solved by arresting so called "Jihadist" with the help of video footage." Surely what the activists have done towards the police on that day is unfortunate and undesirable. But my question is, if that clash with the police is the evident proof of terrorism, then what about the reaction and massacre by the secular activists in Dhaka University on August 20, 21 and 22 of 2007? According to his definition should it also be termed as terrorism? During their movement in October 2006, the activists of Awami League led alliance killed numbers of people in broad day light by barbarically beating them with sticks and oars. They destroyed, burnt and wasted valuable properties of our nation through non-stop strikes, blockades and violence. What should we term these actions? Is only wearing the Islamic attire, having beard or attachment to Islamic parties the only signs and parameters of terrorism and fundamentalism?

Besides, last Sunday two groups of the Chatra (Student) League demonstrated a brutal showdown of "secular" politics armed with bamboos, hockey sticks and daggers. In the presence of police, they physically assaulted and severely beat one student leader from a rival faction, named Sima Islam. They barbarically chopped another activist (Sumon) with dagger and also physically hurt two journalists on duty. These actions took place in broad day light. However, nobody or no media labelled this action as terrorism or extremism. Eminent column writers like Abu Sayeed also kept silent about the matter. We didn't get a column talking about "secular politics produces terrorists". Even after Sima Islam was assaulted by male activists, no feminists or women’s right organisation came forward to protect her and take stance against such secular politics.

In fact since liberation, for 37 years, we have seen selfishness, egoism and deception in the political arena dominated by secular political ideas. Most of the mainstream politicians and political parties gave birth to many terrorists like Avi, Niru, Jainal Hazari, Hazi Selim, Ershad Sikdar and others. For more than 3 decades, the secular politics and its politicians ruled the country and nurtured terrorism as a tool to ascend to power. But nobody questioned about such secular politics and no one demanded to ban such politics. Even after 1/11, we are seeing the efforts to maintain such dirty politics in a different framework under the guise of "reformation".

Now, let us come to the issue of women development policy. From a shallow point of view it seems as if some fanatic, backward group of people are rejecting this policy. On the other hand, some so called progressive, feminist intellectuals have become die-hard combatant to uphold and protect the honour of millions of women in the country. As there had been long discussions, both for and against this issue, I am not going into minute details about whether the policy is good or bad. Rather I am going to analyse the issue from a different perspective.

At a seminar on 14th April, 2008, one of the leftist leaders, named Hazera Sultana declared, "We will not allow to implement laws of 1400 years ago. Women policy will not be done away by some religious fanatics." On the same occasion, Syed Abud Maqsud of Left Democratic Front said, "The Mullahs are trying to take the nation back to dark ages and already they have covered the 10% women with burkha." These words clearly show that to these secular people, Islam is nothing but a backward and repressive religion. They do not want to take the nation back by implementing Shariah law. They don’t want to make this country a fundamentalist country like Taliban ruled Afghanistan or Iran. They want the country to progress and prosper like USA or UK with the zeal and inspiration of secular ideology. Everybody wants to see the nation as a prosperous and advanced nation. But we should ask first what is progress and prosperity? What is the scale of measurement for progress and prosperity? Is it the huge sky scrapers, modern shopping mall, flashy cities like Las Vegas full of casinos? Is it having the technology of internet, satellite, space ship or nuclear weapon? Or is it the abundance of women on street wearing tight fitting, body revealing, low-cut dress, mini skirt or bikini? If these are the parameters of prosperity to the secularists then surely they have reached total intellectual bankruptcy.

The direct and clear consequences of the anarchic secularist ideology is homosexuality, family violence, assault on children and women in the most barbaric way, drug abuse and violent crimes amongst growing teenagers etc. These have become epidemic in the so called modern West. In USA, more than 15 million teenagers are addicted to drugs, violence and perverted sexual crimes. Western modern, liberated, miniskirt clad women are savagely raped and killed in home, street, office or even in schools. Their kings and rulers have failed to protect these women even after legislating new strict laws everyday. Moreover, limitless desire and selfishness have maligned their holy places and their preachers and priests are becoming more and more morally deviated. Developed countries like USA, UK have reached to their peak in the field of science and technology but they are heading to destruction and moral decay being devoid of religious values and divine guidance. No fundamentalist countries have bombed them with tons of deadly bombs, but they are getting destroyed by the affect of "secularism" which actually means denial of religion in every aspect of life, in society and state. Now, the affect of this deadly poison is evident all over their family, society and state from individuals to collective mass.

The irony is while some intellectuals blinded by the love for West are shouting to wipe out religion from politics many in the West are showing inclination to religion. They have faced the deadly consequence of secularism and now they are trying to get out of the ruins of secularism by adhering and getting back to century old religious laws and rules. But some of the secular thinkers in our country have reached to their supreme intellectual bankruptcy and are calling to ban religion from politics to wipe out religion from all activities in our society and country.

The truth of the matter is that the propaganda against Islam and the massive propagation of the women policy is nothing but the game plan of the West. After destroying the Khilafah in 1924, the West has never ceased in their continuous aggression in politics, economy, and culture to make the Muslim lands their new colony. Secularism is one of the seed they planted in the heart of Muslims to carry out this aggression successfully. To implement their agenda and make it a success their agents and hired intellectuals along with the puppet governments are continuously working will all their effort and they have sold their religion and belief. In the process about 1.3 billion Muslims in 57 Muslim lands have become the innocent victims of this dangerous conspiracy.

So, this is the time to take decision – after knowing the dangerous consequences and results of secular western society – whether we will remain silent and be deceived by these so called intellectuals or take part in greater struggle to eradicate germs of secularism from our lands and liberate the whole Ummah?

Published in the Daily Inqilab, Bangladesh on 03 May 2008

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Mashallah this is a great article... A real eye opener for every one... The secularism is exposed and the ummah will Inshallah cut the roots of secularism and will establish the Khilafah...