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Views on the news - 16/10/08

Anti-Muslim DVD rattles US voters in key battleground states

On 12/10/2008 morning just weeks before the presidential election, Priscilla Linsley opened her local Denver newspaper and discovered a DVD inside. "I was shocked at the content and horrified that this had been in my Sunday paper," said Linsley, a 74-year-old Democrat, who watched about half of the video before throwing it in the trash. The hour-long film on DVD, "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West," was made by Israeli filmmaker Raphael Shore and shows disturbing, sometimes violent images. In September, some 28 million of the "Obsession" DVD's were distributed as advertising inserts in 70 newspapers, primarily in critical swing states such as Colorado, Florida and Ohio. The distribution of the DVD clearly demonstrates how desperate the supporters of Republican Party have become. The clearly believe that by emphasizing Islamaphobia over policy will win over voters in key swing states.

Americans are now scared of a toy doll that allegedly to Islam

On 16/10/2008 the English paper the Telegraph reported that a Fisher-Price doll that sounds like it is saying "Islam is the Light" has been described as inappropriate by parents. The doll is meant to make realistic baby sounds and occasionally cry out for its "mama". But some parents in the US claim that one of its noises sounds just like "Islam is the Light", and have complained to Mattel, which owns Fisher-Price. Some shops in the US have removed the doll from shelves after complaints from customers, according to reports. A spokesman for Fisher-Price insisted that the doll was not pushing pro-Islamic messages, adding that the sound some parents were hearing was caused by an accidental distortion of the doll's soundtrack.

A Woman to lead jumma prayers in Oxford UK

Islamic prayers will be led by a woman at Oxford's Muslim Education Centre (Meco) on 17/10/2008. It is thought to be the first time a woman has acted as Imam to a mixed congregation anywhere in the UK. Meco chairman Dr Taj Hargey invited Prof Amina Wadud to lead the service as part of a two-day conference on Islam and feminism. When Prof Wadud led a similar service in New York, in 2005, three mosques refused to host it. Dr Taj Hargey said: "We believe we are actually resurrecting the original practices of Islam. The most learned should lead the prayer, and Prof Wadud, in terms of her knowledge of the Koran and Islam, exceeds anyone I know here in Oxford. Every time someone does something new they get extreme views and threats. We don't take this lightly, but what we are saying to those Muslims who object to women leading prayers is we ask them very respectfully not to attend.” How many times have the kuffar and hypocrites used the excuse of protecting the original Islam only to innovate? The messenger (s.a.w) said “Whoever innovates something in this matter of ours [i.e., Islam] that is not a part of it, will have it rejected.”

Funding shortage forces America to beg her allies to inject cash in the war against Islam

According to US defense officials, the United States has asked Japan and NATO allies who have refused to send troops to Afghanistan to pay the estimated $17 billion needed to build up the Afghan army. "… God knows we operate far more expensively than the Afghan national security forces do... At a minimum it's going to cost $17 billion. That's a hefty price-tag and someone's got to pay it," said Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell. The new Pentagon push to share costs more widely reflects a realization among U.S. officials that America’s $700 Billion bank bailout has started to create a financial strain on US operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Allah says : Lo! those who disbelieve spend their wealth in order that they may debar (men) from the way of Allah. They will spend it, then it will become anguish for them, then they will be conquered. And those who disbelieve will be gathered unto hell (8:36)

China is hesitant to use its $2 trillion reserves to bail out the West

With nearly $2 trillion worth of foreign currency reserves, China is being touted by some as the potential savior of the Western banking system. In order to bail out ailing financial firms, Western governments need money - and China seems a good place to get that much-needed cash. "The Chinese government could offer to lend up to $500bn to the US government for the rescue of its financial sector," wrote Mr Subramanian, of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. In fact the Chinese have already been doing something similar for a number of years. Beijing has been buying up US government debt, which has allowed the US to spend beyond its means. "China is already helping the US economy and, if possible, it will continue to do this," said Zhao Xijun, of Beijing's Remin University of China. But in a telephone conversation with Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown, he also made it clear where China's priority lay. "The most important thing for China now is to handle its own affairs well," China's state-run Xinhua news agency reported him as saying. And for all its foreign exchange reserves, China is still a developing country with its own problems that will require lots of money to fix.


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