Friday, November 21, 2008

Views on the news - 20/11/08

Britain ’s launches secularised Islamic awareness week

On 16/11/2008 leading British politicians, dignitaries, and community leaders joined in an “Islamic Awareness Week”. The campaign launched in the House of Commons aims to further promote communication and connectivity. The theme this year is “Celebrating the Best of Britain’s Shared Values.” Dr. Zahoor Qurashi, President of The Islamic Society of Britain said,” We feel that our role is more important than ever before for us to actually talk about a face of Islam which we understand to be the true face of Islam, which talks about tolerance and peace and patience and working with the wider society, with Muslims and non-Muslims, to promote values which are common.” Dr. Zahoor also discussed the importance of interfaith dialogue. Muslims in Britain should be proud of their Islamic ideology and should not be so apologetic. Rather than promoting Islam in the context of British secular values, Muslims must take the lead in exposing the fallacies of western liberalism and presenting Islam as the only alternative ideology.

Egypt continues to fuel the Israeli aggression against Palestinians

In the backdrop of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, a court in Egypt has ordered the government to suspend gas exports to Israel . But it is very unlikely that the government will heed the warning. In fact Israel 's infrastructure ministry boldly said it had "no doubt" the gas deal remained valid. Israeli optimism is not surprising since both Israel and Egypt are working in tandem to boycott Gaza and starve the Palestinians to death

Russia pretends it cares about Muslims

On 18/11/2008 the Moscow Prosecutor's Office warned the Russian-language edition of the Newsweek magazine against vilification of Muslims. The magazine published two stories that were deemed by the prosecutor to be insulting Muslims. The Prosecutor’s office also stated that one of the articles included one of the 2005 Danish cartoons. It is ironic that Russia is concerned about offending its 20 million Muslims, but pays scant regard to destruction and slaughter of Muslims in Chechnya . Russia ’s support to dictators who routinely oppress Muslims and fight political Islam in Central Asia blights its sympathetic stance. In fact Russia ’s duplicity towards Muslims is akin to the double standards practiced by other major powers; their collective aim is to prevent their respective Muslim populations from expressing outrage at the repression of Muslims abroad.

Uzbekistan needs the Khilafah and not Malaysia ’s Hadhara

Uzbekistan is keen to adopt the Islam Hadhari concept pioneered by Malaysia, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He said this was conveyed to him by Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov in private talks during his official visit here. “Both Malaysia and Uzbekistan are fully aware that at the international level, Islam promotes peace and friendship not only between Muslims but Muslims and non-Muslims as well. At the domestic or national level, Islam Hadhari promotes good governance as well as economic and social progress,” he said during a joint press conference with Karimov at the latter’s official residence. Malaysia ’s so called Islam Hadhari concept has only served to entrench corrupt governance and economic chaos. Malaysia ’s psuedo Islam Hadhari is not only unfit for Malaysians, but all Muslim countries including Uzbekistan .

Pakistan aids crusader forces in attacking targets on its soil

On 16/11/2008 the Pakistan military helped the western forces based in Afghanistan attack a position in Pakistan used by militants after an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) post was hit by two rockets fired allegedly by militants from inside Pakistan. According to a spokesman for ISAF, militants pounded an ISAF base in Paktika, leading to the coordinated artillery strike into Pakistan . The ISAF statement is just tip of the iceberg as far as complicity with America stands. Since Ramadan, the Pakistani civilian and military leadership has unashamedly aided and abetted American attacks on FATA, but has publicly denied any knowledge. Now the crusaders are becoming more and more vocal about the Pakistan ’s clandestine support, as America wants the Pakistani people to fully embrace America ’s war against Islam.


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