Monday, January 05, 2009

Arrests of Egyptian Army Officers Amid Growing Resentment Within The Army Over Gaza

Posted by CBS News Investigates

Watan Newspaper: An online news report that was widely distributed on the Internet today quoted unidentified diplomatic sources as saying that Egyptian authorities have arrested a number of high-ranking army officers and put military police on high alert following signs of growing resentment within the army over the way President Hosni Mubarak has handled the current situation in Gaza. The arrested officers were accused of forming a secret cell linked to outside political powers opposing the Egyptian regime. The sources said that the current political situation might change in the coming few days because the Egyptian administration feels it was deceived and manipulated by the U.S. and Israel to scapegoat the current military operation in Gaza. The sources also said that security will be tightened around Cairo as of today and more police will be deployed around key areas and around the residences of the big figures of the Egyptian ruling party.



Egyptian army threatens Mubarek government with military coup for supporting Israel

Cairo - APA. Loyal position of the Egyptian government on Israel's military aggression against Palestine raised protest in the country. APA reports that protest actions condemned the government's position in various cities. Tens of thousands of Egyptians marched towards Rafah checkpoint to help the Palestinians in Gaza Strip and chanted slogans against Mubarek government. Officers of the Egyptian army threatened the government with military coup. They said if Mubarek government supports Israel, the army will stage a coup.


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one muslim-one spirit to curse israel satanic zionism.

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after many days past,today i feel there are some army in arab rision.finaly some army man tried to make a good move.jzk