Thursday, January 08, 2009

Large protest calling on Arab Armies to Defend Gaza to be held in Bhopal, India

8th January 2009

Large protest calling on Arab Armies to Defend Gaza to be held in Bhopal, India

Thousands of Muslims will hold a large protest against the horrific attacks against Gaza by the illegal state of Israel on Friday 9th January 2009 at 2pm at Iqbal Maidan, near Moti Masjid in the Indian City of Bhopal. They will be protesting not only the brutality of the campaign against Gaza but also the complicity of the Arab and Muslim rulers who do not fulfill their responsibility to aid the besieged Muslims of Gaza, they will also call upon the armies of the Muslim countries to defend Gaza and liberate Palestine. Protestors will also accuse the Western powers including the UK government, US and UN of deception of the highest order in justifying the massacre of over 500 people in 1 week whilst only 17 Israelis have been killed over 3 years by home made rockets fired by those resisting occupation.

The protest has been organized by various Islamic activists of the city in alliance with the Qazi (Islamic judge) of Bhopal, Mufti Abdul Lateef. With its 500 mosques, Bhopal has a large Muslim population who will be rallied by the Imams of the mosques to attend the demonstration after the Friday prayer. The protest has been advertised around the city under the Urdu title ‘Aaj ka Karbala: Gaza!’ (Today’s Karbala: Gaza!), the organizers chose the title as the slaughter in Gaza is taking place in the Muslim month of Muharram, the same month in which Hussain ibn Ali the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was killed in Karbala.

The Islamic scholar, Sheikh Farooq Abbas, one of the organizers of the demonstration said, “As the Israeli entity continues shedding the blood of our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Arab regimes remain silent. Instead of releasing their armies, the Saudi king phoned George Bush (the butcher of Baghdad) and the Egyptian regime blamed the Palestinians, highlighting their complicity in Israel’s aggression.”

“Arab countries surrounding Palestine have over 2 million soldiers, spend over $100 billion on arms annually and dwarf Israel’s forces. Egypt alone has 220 F-16 fighter planes and 450,000 soldiers. It is time these armies move to defend Gaza and remove these rulers, re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate which will unify the Muslim lands and answer the cries of the Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Somalis and all Muslims living under oppression.”

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