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Q&A: Mumbai attacks, Pakistan & India?

The following is the translation of an Arabic Q&A on the subject.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Foreign Ministry of Pakistan summoned the Deputy High Commissioner of India in Islamabad on Thursday and lodged a protest against Indian Air force war planes violating Pakistani airspace…Also, the US defence officials announced that they have information regarding the Indian Air force preparing an attack…

It may be noted that about a month has passed since the Mumbai incidents, yet the Congress-led coalition government has not taken a decisive decision on the issue. It sometimes threatens Pakistan and demands handing over of the accused, or suspends the peace process. Initially it accused the Lashkar-e-Tayyibah group or accuses the Pakistani intelligence of training the attackers. But then the threats and warnings subsided and the Indian parliament discussed (on 17th December, 2008) tightening laws to prevent terrorism. Then threats and war hysteria is whipped up and Pakistani airspace is violated…All this demonstrates the prevailing confusion in the Indian government preventing a firm decision.

What is the reality? Why is the Indian government wavering to take a resolute decision, and were these events local, regional or global?

Answer: Yes, indeed the Indian government is confused and wavering, failing to take a firm decision on the Mumbai incidents. The reason is that the events took place in the run-up to the general elections in India during May 2009. Therefore this means certain defeat for the ruling Congress Party, if it fails to take bold steps that demonstrate its decisiveness and strength. And in fact the government cannot demonstrate its strength by taking some small steps. The action will have to be proportionate to the Mumbai events or else, the regime loses its credibility. This means it will have to launch an effective assault against Pakistan. And it was actually on the brink of doing so. But as it happens, the India and Pakistan region is a hotbed of global powers- namely, the US and Britain, who exercise considerable influence in the region. The Indian preparations were under the watch of these powers. The two neighbours began intensive preparations with Britain determined to project Pakistan as the aggressor, who supported the Mumbai attackers, whilst the US tried to project Pakistan as not being involved and willing to cooperate with India in the investigation into the incidents. At the same time, the US prevailed upon India to desist from resorting to any military action in the region, so that the Pakistani armed forces are not compelled to shift to their eastern border with India and thereby desert the western flank bordering Afghanistan.

In fact, the immediate and intensive actions undertaken by the US, during and after the Mumbai attacks, and its pressure on India, coupled with their stand that the Indian accusations linking Pakistan to the attacks lacked credible evidence, as well as advising Pakistan to show more restraint and flexibility towards India, to the extent of humiliating Pakistan as it was ready to arrest and prosecute any Pakistani who appeared to be linked to the attacks, Pakistan’s total readiness to participate in the investigations, arrests of a number of Jama’at al-Da’wah leaders on the grounds that they were linked to the Lashkar-e-Tayyibah….all of this prevented the Congress-led government from launching an attack. But at the same time, the Indian government needs to act decisively to restore peoples’ trust in it.

As things stand, any action other than raising military movement and preparedness does not appear to be in proportionate to the events. However, since any significant military action is presently ruled out due to the global situation resulting from the US efforts, the Congress-led government is confused because on the one hand it is looking for ways to launch a military strike, but at the same time, it can not…

To fully understand the issue, let us put the sequence of events in perspective:

1- At the end of last month, on 26th of November, 2008, attacks took place within the Indian city of Mumbai, which led to exchanges of gun fire between the attackers and the India security forces lasting over three days. In the ensuing battles, it was reported that about 200 persons lost their lives and over 300 were injured. The attackers were ten in number and one of them was arrested by the government. The Indian government accused Pakistan, claiming that the attackers were Pakistanis belonging to the Lashkar-e-Tayyibah, trained by it. The accusations grew sharper and India even claimed that they were trained by Pakistani intelligence.

2- Subsequent to the attacks and the accusations leveled by India against Pakistan and worsening of relations between these two countries, intense diplomatic activity was undertaken by the two colonialist powers, who have considerable influence in the region and who are battling each other to retain and consolidate their stronghold, i.e. the US and Britain. Their media and newspapers covered the incident, as though it was their own internal matter involving their own citizens.

As for the US, its Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice visited India on 3rd December, 2008 and in a joint press conference with the Indian Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, Mukherjee was agitated when Rice observed that this is the time when every one must cooperate, he said: “I have informed Dr. Rice that there is no doubt that the terrorist attacks in Mumbai were carried out by persons who came from Pakistan and were controlled by Pakistanis.” Rice responded saying: “If the persons were non-government elements, then Pakistan has the responsibility to take necessary steps against them and cooperate in order to bring them to justice.” She further added: “Any action from the Indian side should not escalate tensions between the two neighbours who have already fought three wars since their independence from Britain in 1947.” (Reuters; 3rd December, 2008). This implies that the US does not accuse Pakistan of involvement in the incidents; rather it defended Pakistan to an extent and that it does not want India to further escalate tensions and carry out attacks on Pakistan, to avenge the painful attacks suffered by the Congress government in India.

This is how the US carried out intensive actions to pacify and console India after the attacks, which is evident from Rice’s meeting with the Indian politicians and security officials to whom she advised restraint. An Indian security official gave a presentation to Rice and said, “Does Washington wants us to keep quiet? Look, the Pakistani terrorists are still freely infiltrating into India through the border region,” (Ar-Ra’I website 5th December 2008). The website added that defence officials emphasised that in the wake of the Mumbai attacks the American fleet has added more forces in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf region around India, Pakistan and Iran and this was prompted by US fears regarding armed conflagration between India and Pakistan. The American aircraft carrier USS John Stennis, carrying 80 aircrafts and 3,200 soldiers, mobilized and with this the number of aircraft carriers in the region has grown to three, including the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Iowa Jima, which has a strong contingent of marines and patrol boats. Moreover, Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited India on 2nd December, 2008 CE.

After visiting India, Rice went to Pakistan and praised the Pakistani government and said that the civilian government of Pakistan is fully committed to War on Terror and does not want it to be linked with the terrorist elements, (BBC 4th December, 2008). This proves US support to Pakistan against India. Similarly, Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, visited Pakistan and the official statement issued by the US Embassy in Islamabad stated that Mullen was convinced that the Pakistani officials feel that the Mumbai tragedy represents a dangerous escalation increasing terrorist attacks in the entire region, (Al-Jazeerah 3rd December, 2008), which implies that Pakistan is not in any way involved in the Mumbai incidents because it is a dangerous escalation of tensions! There were repeated visits by Americans to Pakistan, including a US Congress delegation led by John McCain, the former republican presidential candidate. All this was to express support for its agents in the region and to reduce its apprehensions of an attack by India, which will result in the Pakistani troops moving to their eastern border with India and abandon the western flank, where they are currently fighting Muslims on America’s behalf in Waziristan and other tribal regions!

US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte also visited Pakistan on 11th December, 2008 after the UN Security Council passed a resolution on 10th December, 2008 placing the Jama’at al Da’wah and four of its leaders on the terrorists’ list. The Pakistani government arrested the Da’wah leaders and promptly sealed their offices. It appears that the US intended to pacify the Indians through this move and therefore it demanded that Pakistan comply with this resolution immediately and without delay, so as to prevent India from carrying out attacks against Pakistan which will unsettle its loyal agents there, including the President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Geelani, which will only create more problems for them and further anger the Pakistani people because of their support for the US agenda of fighting Islam and Muslims. The Americans want to protect the jobs of its agents in Pakistan, who are engaged in the war against Islam and Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan. America does not want to engage them in another war with India, thereby abandoning an all important front for America, which will endanger its global influence.

As for Britain, they also got into action at the highest levels but not in line with the Americans. Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, visited New Delhi and met Dr. Manmohan Singh, his Indian counterpart on 14th December, 2008 and announced his support for New Delhi’s stance and said, “We know that Lashkar- e-Tayyibah is responsible for the attacks and it is necessary to respond on this great tragedy,” (Al-Jazeerah 14th December, 2008). Having said this whilst in India, Brown then visited Pakistan and asked them to fight Muslims and offered an assistance of 9,000,000 dollars to Pakistan for the ‘War on Terror’! The British newspapers published reports accusing Pakistan of complicity in the Mumbai attacks and having trained the attackers through the Pakistani army. The Sunday Times said on 8th December, 2008 that it has been informed of an Indian intelligence report claiming that the ten attackers were part of 500 who received training by the Pakistani army and navy. The paper reported on the authority of sources close to the Indian intelligence that any new attack on India before the upcoming general elections will definitely result in a war between the two countries. This proves that the British and their Indian agents are looking at attacking Pakistan, which will restore the Indian people’s confidence in the Congress-led government before the general elections.

The Congress party is known to harbour British loyalty and is due to face general elections in May, 200,9 and is better placed as evident from the media broadcast and published reports that India has achieved a higher economic growth during Congress’s rule and is enjoying economic prosperity apart from great scientific advancements in space exploration and weapons development. The Congress party riding on these, is optimistic of winning the next elections. When the recent Mumbai attacks took place and India trembled severely, the opposition parties led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is pro- US and which suffered defeat in the previous elections in May, 2004, found an opportunity to embarrass the Congress government’s stance and the opposition parties accused Singh and his government of a weak-kneed approach on security and of feebleness in bringing the attackers to justice. This embarrassed the government which is due to face elections in the course of some months. It may be noted that the BJP government had fallen in the aftermath of several attacks and bomb blasts that took place during its tenure, for which it did not directly accuse Pakistan, rather it accused the Students Islamic Movement of India, the SIMI and was similarly accused by the then opposition parties. The BJP had earlier achieved success against Pakistan when America forced the Pakistani officials to concede certain shameful and humiliating demands on the Kashmir issue, whereby it won the earlier elections and remained in power from 1999 to 2004. Now it is racking up the security issue to shake people’s trust in the Congress-led government and it appears to be a potent weapon in this matter. The Ar-Ra’I website mentioned on 5th December, 2008 the Indian intelligence agency’s report that there was a possibility of attacks on Indian airports and hijacking of planes, using them to target major cities.

From the above, it may be concluded that the Congress led government, having been shaken by the recent events can only salvage and restore its trust, if Pakistan conceded to its demands like handing over of 20 persons wanted in India who live in Pakistan, or if India carries out a military strike against Pakistan to avenge the Mumbai attacks, or by any means that demonstrate a victory over Pakistan.

But because it appears very difficult for Pakistan in the current circumstances to hand over India’s wanted persons, since the Pakistani Defence Minister, Ahmed Mukhtar, has refused to handover any of the wanted persons to India, (Al-Hayat: 8th December, 2008), because this will completely erode people trust in their rulers, including the president and prime minister, which is already trembling, and strengthen the position of the Congress government, which America does not wish to see in power, unless it agrees to tow the US line.

The Americans are working with all their strength to prevent India from attacking Pakistan and this is why they have not cashed in on the opportunity to topple the present government from power there and they point to the Pakistani people’s rallying around its leadership in fighting India. The Washington Post reported on 8th December, 2008 that the Pakistani people are fully behind their rulers and even the Taliban fighters have declared their intention to fight India shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistan army if it was attacked by the Indians. The newspaper reported the statements of certain Taliban leaders like Maulvi Nazeer and Baitullah Masood, wherein they expressed their readiness to fight India alongside the Pakistani army which implies that everyone including the adversaries of the Pakistani government is willing to fight India … Apart from this, as we mentioned earlier, that the Americans’ attempts to weaken the Indian accusations against Pakistan, and its push to the Pakistani government to display more flexibility towards India in arresting any Pakistani who is found to be involved in the incidents, and show its willingness to participate in investigations. The Pakistani government on its part arrested a number of Jama’at al Da’wah leaders, all of these forced India from taking any major retaliatory military action against Pakistan.

Thus, the Congress-led government of India is searching for an intensive action proportionate to the Mumbai incidents, in order to salvage itself in the next general elections, but it is very difficult for it to undertake any large enough military action, commensurate with the Mumbai attacks due to the US-maneuvered current world situation. Also, it is not easy for Pakistan to handover the wanted men…and the resulting situation is rather confusing for the Congress government, preventing any decisive action in this regard.

This is with regards to the Indian dilemma.

As for the incident itself, it is a global one that took place on the Indian soil, this is evident from the following:

a. The initiatives undertaken by the US and Britain in the immediate aftermath of the incident, which we mentioned earlier, indicate the concern of the two powers in the events and happenings in India and her neighbor, Pakistan.

b. A closer look at the initiatives and actions of US and Britain clearly points to the fact that they are working in opposite directions. Britain is supporting the Indian position and its accusation against Pakistan that it is clearly involved in the attacks, whilst the Americans on the other hand are weakening and underplaying India’s accusations and raising concerns about the rising military tensions.

c. Indeed, the Mumbai attacks are not an advantage for the Congress-led government. Rather they impede its path and shake the trust of its supporters and people in it. They have also reduced its chances of winning the next general elections and eroded its position both regionally, as well as globally…

d. The supporters of the US in India have found a golden opportunity in these attacks to boost their sagging fortunes and strengthen their position to be better placed to win the next general elections, by exploiting these incidents fully and opposing the government fiercely. This is in line with the US requirement that the current pro-British Congress-led government falls from power in the next elections and their own pro-American men regain power.

The conclusion from all these facts is that it is likely that it is the US and its agents that are behind these attacks, either directly or proxy, which means that either the US and its men have planned and executed the incidents or they have exploited one of the several organisations who have been severely wronged and hence harbour revenge. So whilst the organization itself may have carried out the attacks with logistical support from the pro-US elements in India, the incidents were used politically to the advantage of Americans and pro-American elements. This is quite probable given that India is a non- homogenous country composed of a large number of ethnic and religious groups; apart from the various well-known Kashmiri groups, there are a number of separatist movements like the Bodo movement in Assam, Tripura Nationalist Movement, the National Liberation Force, the Khalistan Liberation Force in Punjab and a myriad more in various parts of India. Furthermore, there are scores of other right wing Hindu ultra-nationalist groups, who target Muslims and Christians like the BJP which continues to exploit the anti-Muslim card for electoral gains. Moreover, there is the Indian state itself which has been implicated in brutal acts of violence against the Muslims like in Gujarat and continues to kill Muslims in Kashmir for the last six decades!

Thus, the reality of the various factions in India and the fact of the treachery which the ruling elite of India practices especially against the Muslims, all of this render India vulnerable to various acts of violence and blasts.

If one were to add to this, the fact that after America brought the pro-US Vajpayee to power, the staunchly pro-British Congress managed to return to power and felt that the Americans will not easily accept losing their influence in the region and this was why the Congress brought in a somewhat ‘pliable’ Manmohan Singh as the prime minister, in order to reduce American pressure on Congress party. American on its part engaged India intensively, either through signing the nuclear agreement or through economic assistance, and at the same time exploited the brutal treachery of the Indian system in its minorities to create problems for the Congress in the next elections. The Mumbai attacks was the major incident in this series of American attempts to bring its agents to power in India by defeating Congress, the old British loyalists.

24th Dhul Hijjah, 1429 A.H.
22nd December, 2008 C.E.


Anonymous said...

this comment is in relation to the post on lobbying western governments, in relation to palestine now alot of people want to lobby mps, parliaments etc we knw these are ineffective solutions but generally can muslims in the west use demonstrations to influence legislation? ie anti terror laws and unjust we can speak out against them but can we have the aim of changing it by creating an public opinion against it?

would it be valid for me to ask an mp to raise muslim opposition to anti terror laws in parliament or wld i be legitimsing a legislative body?

any thoughts wld be welcomed.


Islamic Revival said...

This has been answered in the following Q&A:

Anonymous said...

jk for the link...but cant see where it addresses the possibility of influencing legislation in the west- ie anti terror laws can we work to change them outside the political process?

otherwise the muslims in the west would be limited to shouting and protesting concerning anti muslim legislation such as anti terror laws, without safeguarding the community.

Islamic Revival said...

As the Q&A states we can work to achieve our legitimate rights recognised by the shar'a in the halal way. So we can condemn any laws which contradict Islam and call them to abandon these laws such as the Prophet (saw) called on the Quraysh who were non-Muslims to stop burying their daughters alive, cheating in the markets, etc. However this must be done in the manner without praising their system or man-made law. It should be condemning their corrupt laws and calling them to goodness which includes the just laws of Islam not only the belief. As the Kuffar are obligated with the belief as well as the rules of Islam. Therefore a Muslim could say to the Western governments 'Stop implementing your unjust anti terror laws' and such statements.

The following is an extract from the translation of an Arabic booklet entitled 'The ruling on Muslims who live in the Western world participating in its political life' published by Hizb ut-Tahrir Europe, it addresses various halal ways we can put pressure:

"The Halal is enough for us

The prohibition of Muslims who live in the western lands from participating in the western lands in the political life does not mean they should cocoon themselves and not mix with the people of that country. Rather they should live with them a natural life, adhere to the rules of Islam, and be from those who affect others and not be affected because we are the bearers of a universal Message and a civilization to which no other civilization can compare.

The aim of participating in the political life of the West is to achieve a set of benefits and demands. Such as supporting Muslims and their issues and providing the best opportunities for Da’wah to Islam, enabling Muslim migrants to adhere to the Sharee’ah rules without difficulty or hindrance such as in the rules of marriage, halal food, shar’I dress code for women and other such legitimate demands. These things can be achieved by following the Sharee’ah path permitted by Islam without the need to commit Haraam or make recourse to the rule of necessity (daruraat) and attaining the benefits (maSaaliH) and repelling the evils (mafaasid) which permit the Haraam.

Also, the fact that we can present alternatives and draw attention to the possibility of utilizing certain practical styles, this is not a substitute for the only shar’I radical solution which will realize their hopes, demands and solve their problems which is the establishment of the Khilafah state. This is because the suffering of the Muslims in terms of the shame, humiliation and contempt shown to them, their weakness and the various ambitions their enemies have over them is due to the absence of the Imaam, the Ameer who will look after their affaires and look into their conditions and help them when they are oppressed and protect them from any harm. It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (saw) said: ‘Indeed, the Imam is a shield behind whom the Muslims fight and protect themselves.’ [Reported by Muslim]

One look at the reality shows us the difference between a Muslim and others. The American for example is respected, venerable, given preference and priority wherever he is, when he speaks he is listened to, when he is absent he is missed. As for the Muslim, he is unimportant, his demands are dismissed and when he is absent he is not missed. If he is killed then it is done with impunity even though the Messenger (saw) said: ‘The destruction of the world is far less in value for Allah than the killing of a Muslim man.’ [Reported by Tirmizi on the Authority of ‘Abd Allah b. Umar]

This is the difference between the Muslim and the American. The cause of the preference is clear as the sun and this is the standing of their state in the international arena. The American derives his prestige and respect from his state. The Muslims need to be aware of this reality and work with the sincere and ware ones to realize the radical solution and establish the Islamic state through which Islam and its people will become strong and kufr and its people will be humiliated.

As for the alternatives and the styles which Muslims can undertake without falling into sin they are many, for example:

1. The intellectual strength.

What we mean by intellectual strength is the ability to address the minds and effect the emotions. Allah (swt) has honored this Islamic Ummah with the ‘Aqeedah of Tawheed, which is the only ‘Aqeedah which can convince the mind and it agrees with the Fitrah. Part of the rules of this ‘Aqeedah is that it is not allowed adopt the creed via imitation or blind acceptance, rather one should use his mind such that through scrutiny and thought one reaches the conclusion that the Creator exists and one comprehends the correctness of the Prophethood of Muhammad (saw). From this ‘Aqeedah a system has emanated which encompasses all aspects of life. Due to this it is the only alternative to the western civilization in the world today, the one system which can save people from the misery and injustice which has resulted from domination of the Western culture over the minds of people, their lives and destiny. If you present Islam as it should be presented and highlight its enlightened intellectual aspect and the correctness of its rules in managing the affairs of people. There is no doubt that this will affect the minds of many westerners, especially when the corruption of their thoughts becomes evident to them and the emptiness of their societies is manifest and all can see their fast diminishing values and how they have stooped to the lows of corruptness, injustice and transgression.

This requires our thinkers who have mastered the language of the West to contact western thinkers, intellectuals and politicians so that the Islamic thought and solutions to problems faced by man are presented to them. And this should be done in an effective intellectual manner with a firm and composed style i.e. with wisdom (hikmah) and beautiful speech (maw’izah hasanah). If we are able to discuss with such people and effect them whether by them embracing Islam or by gaining their respect and esteem. Then we have created a suitable climate to present our demands and have won significant support for them.

The basis of Muslims is that they are the carriers of the Message (risaalah) of Islam wherever they are and in any place they reside since Islam is a universal Message and since Allah (swt) has obliged them to covey this Message to the whole world: as a state, parties and individuals, to convey Islam to all of them. Wherever the Muslim lives he is obliged to invite the people to Islam and work to spread it when he has the ability.

The Muslims who live in the West are obliged to carry Islam to the people of the West whether now or after the establishment of the Khilafah state, part of their obligation after the application of Islam internally is to carry it as a Message to the whole world. The establishment of the Khilafah is not a condition for the obligation of carrying Islam to them. In the past Muslim traders who used to do trade with Indonesia and Malaysia carries Islam to the people of those lands until they embraced Islam at their hands without being sent by the Khilafah state or from any party. This is because Islam is Deen of Fitrah (i.e. it agrees with man’s disposition) and close to peoples emotions and the mind can comprehend its greatness. It was easy at any time and place for non-Muslims to gain conviction and Imaan in it.

2 Economic strength

Some Muslims who have been blessed with money and resources should attempt to affect the business of political decision making in the West. This is in order to concentrate the economic strength in the hands of the Muslims, to use it as tool of encouragement and persuasion such that their voices are heard and their word holds weight. Especially if we understand that Western governments are established by support from the capitalists. Rather they are established by the capitalists. We have seen some non-Muslims, who are few in number, who were able to put pressure on western governments to carry out their demands and look after their affairs due to their economic strength. The reality is that Muslims in western lands have an economic strength which the West cannot afford to overlook if the Muslims unite and speak with one voice. So how will it be when they add to this by directing economic activity in a specific direction in order to consolidate in important economic sectors? And they start to cooperate amongst themselves to become the movers and shakers in economic life.

The economic presence of Muslims highlights the desire of western banks to open the field for Muslims to undertake economic activity according to Islam by forming banks which ‘comply’ with the Sharee’ah rules in economic and financial matters. Although it is difficult for Muslims to undertake economic activity on a high level in western lands without coming across something forbidden due to the control of the capitalist economic system, however their mutual support and cooperation is sufficient to remove many Haraam obstacles. In any case, economic activity in origin is not prohibited in Islam contrary to participating in the political life. The Muslims are able to enter a number of areas of economic activity whilst being very careful not to undertake any Haraam transactions such as Riba etc.

3. Media strength

The field of the media is very significant medium which contributes to the formation of public opinion and the adoption of political decisions. It is especially important in the Western lands because decision makers frequently rely on it to justify their policies and convince the people. The reality is the most of the media in the western lands are controlled by forces which force it to lose its objectivity and impartiality. They have turned it into a tool in the hands of the capitalists; they control it and use it to achieve their interests. That is why it is rare to find a section of the media which posses its own decision and will in presenting something to the masses that the people can trust and consider as a serious depiction and correct reporting of what is happening in the world. Also the media fights Islam in manner obvious to all but a few. Hardly a day passes without something being shown on TV or heard on the radio which attacks Islam and distorts its thoughts and rules. An example of this is the print media; books, newspapers, magazines which never miss an opportunity to defame Islam and the Muslims. Rarely do you find a Newspaper which treats Islam fairly or a program which is objective and impartial. It is no surprise then that those who run and control the media are those who hate Islam and show their animosity towards it. Here lies the role of Muslims if they which to achieve something that will serve the Muslims and serve their Deen. It is within their capability to build an audio, visual and print media whose mainstay will be serious news material and trustworthy reports and will include an explanation of the reality of Islam in terms of its ‘Aqeedah and system such that its truths are highlighted, using styles which are suited to the nature of westerners and their styles of speech and writing. If we look at the state of Muslims today in this field we notice a big deficiency. Most of what the Muslims produce lacks quality and many a time they flatter the westerners, interpret Islam such that it is close to the western thought thinking that if they do this then Islam will gain greater acceptability in western societies. Let alone the fact that the published material is in no way in proportion to the number of Muslims living in the western lands or their capabilities. And nor is it consistent with the universality of their ideology which pushes them to convey it wherever they reside. As for the audio and visual media which the Muslims have, it is almost non-existent.

4. Strength of human resource

The Muslims number millions in western countries. This fact alone can turn them into a force to be reckoned with due to its prominence in society and also because it has a future significance because it is on this basis the West builds its plans. So the Muslims need to fully exploit this opportunity and realize how much the West needs them. In an article published by the International Courrier magazine (issue num: 606) the following was mentioned: ‘As long as there is [poverty there will be migration. This is good news because the old continent – Europe – needs manual labor. However, what is necessary is the political courage to recognize that.’ The truth of the matter is that the West needs human resources from the Muslims more than the human resource’s need the West. Had the West been able to organize its affairs without relying on Muslims then it would have expelled them and revealed with all arrogance the hatred what it conceals for the Muslims. For example, the Muslims doctors strike in France was sufficient – which is well known amongst doctors circles there – to bring down the government.

This Muslim human resource in the West consists of different and diverse sectors of people in all fields. Among them there are doctors and engineers in all types of engineering. They also include specialists in all sciences and fields as well as the average people from the manual workers and the crafts.

This diversity amongst the Muslims will give them enormous power and enable them to achieve many demands exceeding what they have today in terms of halal meat and the permission to wear the Islamic dress code for their wives and daughters. They will become an instrument of pressure on western states in supporting the issues of the Ummah and carrying the Da’wah to this wasteland devoid of guidance.

These are just some of the alternatives the Muslims can turn their attention to instead of participating in ruling and other prohibited actions. If non-Muslims, despite being few in number, have succeeded in seizing control of certain areas and fields and are sometimes able to put pressure on governments and effect them in the affaires that concern them then why should the Muslims fail in this when they neither lack in potential or abilities?

Finally, we would like to say the following: supporting the truth and the Deen and the repelling of oppression and injustice can only take place according to the Sharee’ah rule and by holding onto the straight path and obedience to Allah (swt). It is wrong to think that victory and success can come by committing Haraam. He (swt) said: ‘So stand (ask Allah to make) you (Muhammad [saw]) firm and straight (on the Deen) as you are commanded and those who turn in repentance (unto Allah) with you, and transgress not (Allah’s limits). Verily, He is All-Seer of what you do.’ [11:112]"

Anonymous said...

jazakalahair for that, but it comes out from this that pressuring western governments for islamic benefits and demands is permissable, such as halal meat, hijab etc but issues regarding the ummah ie palestine wld be ineffective due to agenda of western states

am i correct in saying, HT would support lobbying MPs and parliament for islamic issues and to counter unjust or corrupt legislation?

Islamic Revival said...

It depends how you define the term 'lobby' it is permissable to call them to stand against injustice and evil laws, however it is not permissable to call for non-Islamic solutions such as calling upon the United nations so solve the palestinian problem, etc.

Rasheed said...

Jazakallah Khairah. The analysis was deep Mashallah but (i) I didn't find any mention to the hindu fascists who were being investigated prior to 26.11.08. (ii) The elimination of the ATS chief and his team at such a crucial time and (iii) the subsequent freezing of the cases against those fascists point to their culpability. (iv) Note: the same person is now chief of ATS, who preceeded Karkare and was credited of arresting Muslims for Malegaon & Samjhuta Express. (v) Not questioning the wife of Karkare must find mention somewhere. (vi) The new stringent laws and the new central agency to tackle terrorism is also a shot in the arm for the BJP. (vii) The flurry of diplomatic activity by India, trying to impress China and other countries who presently are not too antagonistic to Pakistan, to weigh on the latter may mean that the the world is not finding Zardari and his team as good as Musharraf. The honeymoon with democracy in Pakistan seems to be over. (viii) With this cataclysmic event, I feel, they (BJP) accomplished more than what they could do if they came to power