Saturday, January 10, 2009

Views on the news - 8/1/09

MI5 singles out the credit crunch as a major threat

Following on the heels of US intelligence reports, the MI5 UK’s domestic intelligence service warned of new major threats spawning from the credit crunch crisis. Jonathan Evans the head of the MI5 said the international recession could be a "watershed moment" which will shift the balance of power away from the West. He said, “Where there have been watershed moments, there have often been national security implications from that, a new alignment. We have to maintain flexibility and respond to threats. The world will not stay the same.”

Israeli 'Sound Bombs' Reported 'Exploding' Wombs Of Pregnant Palestinian Woman And Girls

Disturbing reports have circulated during the debriefing of Russian and Ukrainian medical personal evacuated from Gaza that detail the gruesome 'explosion' of over 188 pregnant Palestinian women and girls wombs due to the use by Israeli Air Force fighter jets of what are termed 'sound bombs'. Britain's Guardian News Service reports that Israel's use of these 'sound bombs' is to "warn people away before flattening the homes with missiles" and Palestinian psychiatrist Dr. Khalid Dahlan has previously stated that: "Israel's sonic blasts are part of a larger psy-ops war that is aimed at directly at children; it has no other conceivable purpose. The explosions have no military value except to attack the fragile psyche of the most vulnerable and sensitive. As the survey indicates, Israel's plan has succeeded quite admirably. In fact, Israel is so pleased with the results of its psy-ops terror-campaign that it has developed "sound bombs" which are intended to create widespread fear and trauma. This new weapon has been successfully deployed in Gaza "inducing miscarriages and traumatizing children". Israel is aware of these effects and continues to use the weapon regardless of the human suffering it causes."

Saudi cleric condemns pro-Gaza protests

Sheikh Saalih al-Fawzaan, chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Council and one of the country’s top scholars of Islamic Shariat law, said the protests represent “corruption on Earth, and not righteousness or reform”, according to Al Hayat daily. Fawzaan, who also serves on the Council of Scholars which advises the Grand Mufti, Saudi Arabia’s highest Muslim figure, said demonstrations result in chaos and can become acts of sabotage and destruction. “What good do demonstrations and rallies serve?” he asked. His statement came in the wake of protests last Monday in eastern Saudi Arabia against Israel’s attacks on Gaza. A protest was broken up by police firing rubber bullets and 11 people were arrested. Such demonstrations are rare in Saudi Arabia, and Interior Ministry spokesman General Mansur al-Turki said earlier this week that they were banned.

Hasina’s election majority to aid US policies courtesy of Britain

Aided by a compromise deal between Britain and America, Sheikh Hasina Wajed was sworn in for her second spell as Bangladesh’s prime minister on 6/1/09. Her party the Awami League won 230 seats out of 300, giving her a clear majority to govern without forming a coalition. There is little doubt that she will use her newfound majority in parliament to legitimise the decisions and policies of the pro-American caretaker government. Nonetheless, the election victory clearly demonstrates that the US has again failed to create a broad based party independent of the Awami League and the Bangladeshi National Party, and was forced to broker a deal with Britain.

Zardari confers award to Boucher for his enmity towards Pakistan

On 5/1/2009 President Zardari conferred the prestigious civilian award Hilal-i-Quaid-i-Azam on US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher for his services to Pakistan. Soon after receiving the award Boucher insisted that US air attacks against Pakistan would continue. The air raids have killed thousands of innocent civilians and displaced further tens of thousands from their homes in FATA. But why would Zardari confer the country’s highest award on Boucher who is a low ranking US state department official, and is destined to be replaced this month? Perhaps, it was Boucher who helped Zardari become the President of Pakistan, so that he could plunder the country at will.


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