Thursday, July 30, 2009

Full videos of International Ulema Khilafah conference

The full videos of the inspiring conference, parts 1 to 9 are now online - see:

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Nahda Productions said...

Assalams brothers

could you please make an entry at hte blog for the following video? its description follows :)

Global work and sacrifices for the Khilafah: 2008/2009: International round-up

This video is produced by Hizb ut Tahrir Australia.

The video captures the rising international call and work for the Khilafah, in particular the work of Hizb ut Tahrir globally in working to create a unified global push around the Muslim world for the Khilafah (Islamic state) and Muslim Unity. Containing footage of rallies, conferences and talks which drew hundreds of thousands cumulatively, the video presents a glimpse of the work going on in the following countries to build this global opinion:

* Australia
* Britain
* Bangladesh
* Denmark
* Tanzania
* Lebanon
* Malaysia
* Sudan
* Mauritius
* Ukraine
* Turkey
* Pakistan
* Palestine
* Indonesia