Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hyderabad: Past, Present and Future

This article is written by Brother Nisar Ahmed

The Nizam state of Hyderabad India was formed by the Asif Jahi Dynasty in the 18th century by Mir Qamar uddin siddiqi when he was appointed as a governor by the Mughal Empire to rule the region under their guidance. However after the death of the powerful and legendary ruler Aurangzeb in 1707, the decline of Mughal Empire resulted in many of the territories to be lost, however, the rule of the land remained under the Islamic Shari'ah and all the various territories followed the orders and guidance of the Khilalfah.

The Asif Jahi dynasty originated in the region around Samarkand, but the family came to India from Baghdad in the late 17th century. Shaikh Mir Ismail (Alam Shaikh Siddiqi) Alam ul-Ulema, son of Ayub younus Salim, son of Abdul Rehman Shaikh Azizan Siddiqi, fourteenth in direct decent from Sheikh Shihab-ud-din Siddiqi Suhrawardy, of uharwada in Kurdistan, a celebrated Sufi.

Many chroniclers and historians have given accounts of Islamic rule in India. The legacy of Islam is still unparalleled with any other system in the region. This is because the people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds were living together with peace and harmony supporting the inventions and development in almost every field of life under the shade of just Islamic rule. This is why many historians have referred to Islamic India as the 'Jewel of East'.

The Nizam state, Came to an abrupt end in September 1948 after a horrific and ruthless assault, known as the 'Operation Polo' carried out by the Indian government, which was formed after the partition. For many Indians the horrific memories of this operation remain unforgettable. During partition the State of Hyderabad, naturally, was willing to join the newly created Muslim state of Pakistan. The Indian government was not prepared to secede such territory and was not prepared to tolerate the intentions of the Nizam State to become part of Pakistan. The Indian state thus started operation polo, which lasted for four and a half days leading to the killings of thousands of innocent people (largely Muslim) and the looting of their properties. Subsequently, the last Nizam, Osman Ali Khan, surrendered the Nizam state to India on 17th September 1948.

This situation of the Muslims however faired no better. The Muslims lived in the shadows due to the inequality with Hindus, the deliberate negligence and covert deprivation by the Congress government pushed the Muslims into illiteracy and poverty. Furthermore, the stigma attached to Muslims due to partition and the continuous demonization by the Hindutva forces, turned the Muslims into the Jews of pre-World War Europe. Even the judicial system did not remain a recourse to the grievances, resulting a situation in which Muslims have been paying with their blood and lives for the sins they didn't commit.

The establishment of a separate state of Telangana in the unified Andhra Pradesh will make no difference apart from a statistical increase in Muslim population of the new Telangana state. This is no achievement. Telangana will be a state within India and not a sovereign state.

The linguistic meaning of "Telangana" is "the land of telugu people," Unfortunatly many Muslims have joined the call for a separate state in the hope that their situation may change. Many Muslims have openly supported the Telangana state and separatist movements.

The ruling parties quashed the separatist telangana movement by singling out the Muslims and using Hindu extremist elements from outside the state. The recent riots that took place between Muslims and Hindus has shown how far political parties can dwindle, manipulate and create the environment for riots, beginning from a very small issue of removing the Milaad flags from the mostly Muslim populated areas by some Hindu extremists in order to replace their flags of Hanuman Jayanti (a Hindu festival rarely celebrated by local Hyderabad Hindus). The riots continued for four days resulting to the death of a Hindu local, more than 200 injured (mostly Muslims), Many Masajids, Houses, Shops and properties were damaged or set on fire. Many Muslim women were injured and insulted. Many of the poverty were severely affected due to having tot close their business due to rioting.

Whilst the world continues to talk about India's rapid economic development and how it's the world's largest democracy, the true, ugly face of India is rarely shown. India is one of the most corrupt countries in the word, 33% of the worlds poor reside in India and India has the most abhorrent caste system in the word - this is the true face of India.

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