Friday, February 11, 2011

Removal of the Fir'aun

Fir’aun was someone who the Qur’an described as being arrogant on the Earth – when confronted with the Truth by Musa he claimed that he was their lord, most high. He was the one who could decide what was right and wrong, what was good and bad, and demanded complete loyalty and obediance. Fir’aun took himself as a god in front of the people by enforcing his own desires upon the nation ahead of the Truth as revealed by Allah, in the same way that several of these people in rule across the world today.

Amongst those who followed the example the cursed example of the Fir’aun rather than the blessed example of Musa, peace be upon him, was the Egyptian government led by Hosni Mubarak. The complicity between the Arab regimes and Egypt in particular with the Zionist aggressors during their siege of Gaza was exposed before the eyes of the World. They have displayed openly to the umma what the Zionists have known for years – that the Arab regimes are the first line of defense for their colonialist state. The time for governments who represent imperial interests is drawing to an end. With the removal of Hosni Mubarak as the head of the Egyptian regime, the umma now realises that change is possible through her hands with the Will of Allah.
In these days the average Muslim wherever they may be, on the streets of Cairo, Damascus, Amman, Jakarta or Karachi knows that their rulers are part of the problem and not part of the solution. It is these rulers who stand between us and unity, who prevent us from materially supporting our oppressed brothers and sisters wherever they may be, who continue to be more concerned about preserving their own thrones and serving their neo-colonial masters in Washington and elsewhere.

Who can be more bankrupt than one who follows those who are bankrupt? What does the West have to follow, now that its values have been exposed as hollow and its economy exposed as a sham?

As Musa confronted Fir’aun with the Truth as ordered by Allah, we must today confront these tyrant rulers with the Truth.

As Musa trusted in Allah that he would be granted the Victory as long as he remained patient, we must today trust in Allah and remain patient.

Is the One who wiped away Fir’aun and his army not capable of removing these weak and petty tyrants from their shaking thrones?

Have we forgotten that Allah gives Victory to those who support His deen?

If we had forgotten – then the events in Egypt should awaken us and show us what is possible.

Those of us who protest – should protest against these regimes
Those of us who speak out – should speak out against these regimes
Those of us who seek help – should seek help from those who can remove these regimes

Those of us whom Allah has Entrusted with leadership amongst the people should direct the people to these goals, the people recognise that the rulers are the main obstacle to any solution for the Muslim umma, so do not be amongst those who withhold these and divert the people to other aims.

And remember what has been narrated from our blessed Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, as mentioned by ibn Qayyim

والذى نفس محمد بيده لينقضن الاسلام عروة عروة حتي لا يقال الله الله لتأمرن بالمعروف ولتنهون عن المنكر أو ليسلطن الله عليكم أشراركم فيسومونكم سوء العذاب ثم يدعو خياركم فلا يستجاب لهم

By the One who the soul of Mohammad biyadihi, Islam will be taken away part by part, until it is not even said Allah Allah,

You will (must) enjoin the good, and you will (must) forbid the evil, or Allah will make sovereign over you the worst of you who will afflict you with the worst of punishment, then the best of you will make du’a and it will not be answered.

And we ask Allah to hasten this victory that He has promised to those who carry His Deen, and to protect us from being amongst those who du’a is left unanswered – and to bring about a real change through the establishment of a political force to represent the political unity that Islam demands, through the establishment of the Khilafah.

Now that the Umma in Egypt has found her voice, and is promising to never remain silent upon oppression and injustice again, and to account the government – then let us encourage that enjoining the good, and forbidding the evil, must be upon the deeply held convictions of the people, which are the Islamic convictions based upon the Islamic belief most of the umma holds dear.

This new found voice for accountability needs to be guided, and may Allah guide it to what Pleases Him the most.


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