Saturday, March 10, 2012

Audio: 3rd of March 1924 - The Day the Ummah Shook

The brother quotes the following example in the talk:

George II, the King of England, Sweden and Norway wrote a letter to the Muslim Khaleefah requesting him to take a group of lady students who were the daughters of the English noblemen. This group included the King’s own niece and they had been sent to learn sciences in the Muslim institutes. This letter appears in the book titled: “Arabs Sovereign Factor in the Middle Ages” written by an Englishman John Davenport, the letter says:

“After compliments and honour, We have heard of the great and abundant advancements in the scientific institutes and production plants in your esteemed country. So we decided to have our children grasp some of these great bounties which will be a good precedent of your influence to spread the light in our lands which is covered in ignorance from all sides. We have placed Princess Dubant, the daughter of our brother in order that she may be initiated in higher learning and along with her colleagues be under your blessing, and will compassionately undergo their learning process.

I have sent a humble gift along with the young princess for your nobleness and request you to kindly honour it with your acceptance.

Your Obedient Servant, George II.”


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