Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Silent Suffering

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
The time has come to remember and commemorate the woman, at least she is given one day annually to be flattered while standing before audiences, pedestaled on podiums to briefly highlight specific female accomplishments. This "holiday" forged by some committee the mark the International Annual Women's Day that has gathered the attention across the globe.

Rather than focusing on the accomplishments, why not focus on the obvious? Women and girls live in this world while suffering silently, especially throughout Muslim lands. Often times forced to endure the frustrations and aggressions of their male counterparts. These men vent their aggressions from the outside world on the very person he is supposed to seek comfort. The vast majority of Muslims, men and women knows the due rights of the Muslim female given to her by her Creator. Be they the rights of a wife, mother, daughter, and sister. These range from economic, social rights and beyond. Yet the focus is directed to the woman's duty to her husband often times oppressed by the same person she obeys. Even when Abu Sufyan known for his stinginess was miserly towards his family, the fairest of the fair from humankind, the Prophet (saw) ordered Hind, Abu Sufyan's wife to take her due right to fulfill her necessities.

Under the Islamic State, there is a system intact to implement and carry out these rights so they are not hypothetical ideals preached upon deaf ears. Therefore when a wife's emotional and security needs are not met but even worse threatened by domestic abuse, including battery, withholding allowances, she no longer has to suffer in silence. She no longer suffers in shame and indignity. The Muslim female regardless of age has the backing of the just Imam to secure her position in her household. One of respect, dignity, honor who is the backbone of society in Islam. The blessed Prophet (saw) constantly stressed the significance of the amaneh (trust) placed upon the shoulders of men.

Very sadly throughout the world, we witness case after endless case of abuse ranging from physical abuse to acid burnings to severe trauma. Allah (swt) clearly and decisively outlined the relationships between man and woman yet His Commands have little bearing on man's behaviors and attitudes towards his female counterpart. Indeed counterpart, since women are equal to men as both are human beings.

Today's dire eroding economic and social circumstances make it almost unbearable living conditions for women. The information is clear as crystal yet again lacks the effect on the behavior.

How is our Ummah supposed to have the Islamic personality if there is a discord or break between (fikr) thought and action?

How are the Mutassims of today supposed to rescue their Muslim sisters if they do not exit in their own family units? If the Mutassims do not exist in our society? Again, this terrible calamity fallen upon our Muslim sisters is the direct result of the Khilafah's absence.

This Khilafah is not an imaginary utopia but an actual implementation of the Hukm Sharii (Islamic Laws). The State that genuinely safeguards our sisters in the truest form guaranteeing her security, protection, respect and love from her very own Mutassim.

So during the times of trumped up commendations, one needs to realize how much bearing it has upon the millions of women living under oppressions. Has this forgery really made any difference on their current living conditions?

Manal Bader

Bayt Al-Maqdes (Jerusalem)
10 Rabi' II 1433


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