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Remembering the martyr Sheikh Abdul Aziz Badri

Occasionally the carriers of the da’wah to resume the Islamic way of life through re-establishing the Khilafah are asked questions such as ‘who are your scholars?’ Bearing in mind what is mentioned in the article ‘Scholars who are working for Khilafah’ we plan provide some information regarding these scholars for the English speaking audience and provide the links to some of their Arabic books. 

One such scholar in the last century is the Shaheed (martyr) Sheikh Abdul Aziz Badri (rh), from the shabab of Hizb ut-Tahrir. The following is a brief biography:

His name was Abdul-Aziz bin Abdul-Lateef al-Badri, he was born in Baghdad in 1929, but he was originally from Saamaraa' he studied under some scholars of Baghdad like Amjad az-Zahaawi, Muhammad al-Qazlaji and Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir al-Khateeb and some others, he finished his studies and became Imaam in the Soor Masjid in 1949 and the Khafafeen mosque in 1950 and then to different Masjids in Baghdad.

He was famous for being one of the prominent shabab of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Iraq, and was always attacking the Iraqi leader, Abdul-Kareem Qaasim (Communist leader) in his speeches, when Abdul-Kareem ordered some people of the army to be executed such as Naazim at-Tabqajli, Al-Badri got angry and led demonstrations against Abdul-Kareem Qaasim, in which more then 40.000 people participated. He also declared the supporters of communism and AbdulKareem Qasim to be kuffaar so the government placed house-arrest on him from 2 /12/ 1959 to 2/12/1960 when that was over he did not stop and continued so they arrested him and he was in jail from 7/8/1961 to 4/12/1961 when he was released because of a general pardon for all political prisoners.

He was arrested again in the time of Iraqi president Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr, he was kidnapped at night when he was heading towards his house and took him to a prison where they tortured him and cut some parts of his body, it’s said that they also cut his tongue. He died in jail year 1969 after 17 days of his death they left his body in front of his house and told his family that he died of an heart attack and they ordered them to bury him with revealing it (his burial) but word got around so his body was taken to the Abu Haneefah mosque where they could pray for him, they all saw the effect of the torture he endured in jail on his body, he died before his 40's. The Sheikh rahimahullah is buried in Al ‘Adhamiyah.


Many of the Ulema told him when he was in jail that he should just stop and give up and that Islam had nothing to do with politics so he wrote a book named al-Islaam bayn al-‘ulamaa wal Hukaammeaning Islam between the Scholars and the Rulers, in order to refute them. This book is available in Arabic and has also been translated and published in Urdu.

Other books the Sheikh wrote include:

·         The book of God - the eternal Qur'an.

Arabic references

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