Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remembering Sheikh Mohammad Hawarey

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We wish to remember Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Hawarey, one of the Ulema (scholars) from Hizb ut-Tahrir who passed away on 11 June 2011, may Allah (swt) grant him jannahThe Sheikh was a da'wah carrier who worked to resume the Islamic way of life through re-establishing the Khilafah who continued to exhaust tremendous effort despite the severe bone marrow fibrosis he suffered. 

The Sheikh rahimahullah was born in Rabi Thani 1350 H, 1931 descending from the disciple of the Prophet (saw): Al-Zubeir the son of Al-Awwam, the ancestry of whom meets that of the Prophet (saw) at Qusay the son of Kelab: the Master of Quraysh. The aunt of Al-Zubeir was Khadeejah the daughter of Khuwaylid, his two uncles were Hamza and Al-Abbas, his cousins were Ali (the Caliph) and Jaafer, his father-in-law was Abu Bakr (the Caliph), and his son was Abdullah (the Caliph), may Allah (swt) be pleased with them all.

While both parents of the Sheikh were Hawarey's, his father Hamed and his only uncle Fares were both martyred during the struggle against colonialism in Sham Lands in 1930's.

The Sheikh joined the Syrian University in Damascus (has been renamed later on to become Damascus University) to graduate with BA in Literature and BA in Education. Later on, he acquired MA and PhD in Comparative Religion and PhD in Tafseer (the unique study of the Holy Quran and its interpretation). While he has published his researches in the field of Comparative Religion as part of his book  (Whoever Has A Mind... Must Reflect on These Islamic Researches, in Arabic), his Tafseer research has been published in his book ( Call from the Compilation of Rulings, in 2 volumes of 4 parts, in Arabic).

After his graduation from the Syrian University, he spent 30 years in Kuwait, until 1990, working in various fields of professorship, technical and administrative supervision, studies and researches, translation and other intellectual and political activities. During this period, he finished the curriculum of High Diploma in Higher Islamic Studies in Cairo, Egypt. He also authored more than 120 researches in various fields of education, culture, science and communication, in addition to more than one series that were published in Kuwaiti daily and weekly periodicals. Since 1990, he had been living in Sham Lands and has authored multiple books.

The following are draft English translations of some of his books:

The following is a website dedicated to the Sheikh's works, it also includes audio sessions:

Some of the videos of the Sheikh can be seen on

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