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Address by Shihadah Arar in front of the State Security Court in Zarqa, Jordan

The following is a translation from Arabic. 

Address presented by Shihadah Arar in front of the State Security Court in Zarqa, Jordan, on the 7th of February, 1968.

Respected judge, the case for which I am being tried in front of you, is of political consequence. It is not a criminal case. Rather, it involves the destiny of this country. It is not a case of political criticism or of simply exposing an ordinary plan. In addition to my natural right of defending myself, it becomes mandatory upon me to explain to the court the reality of this vital case and its catastrophic consequences, as well as the awaiting catastrophes and calamities, in addition to the present and future situation which includes a complete destruction of the country and its people. Therefore, I demand from the court to grant me the opportunity to address the court on behalf of myself. In fact, I insist on it and promise the court that my address will be concise. However, if I am denied of this right then I will refuse to answer any questions or say a word to the court. Rather, I shall turn my back to the court and face the people. The court can do whatever it wants and let it even sentence me by what the ruler has dictated to it.

Oh! judge, the case for which I am being tried for is my membership in Hizb-ut-Tahrir along with preparing and distributing its leaflets. In regards to the first point of being a member in Hizb-ut-Tahrir, I will not answer it. An overwhelming majority of people in this country are either members of Hizb-ut-Tahrir or fully support Hizb-ut-Tahrir. No government department, or ministry, not even the Royal Palace or the Prime Minister's office, is without a member from Hizb-ut-Tahrir or supporters from Hizb-ut-Tahrir. I will not respond to this accusation, as I do not consider this an accusation. It is an honor that Allah (swt) has given me. It is of the greatest bounty that Allah (swt) has bestowed upon me and the greatest bounty in this Universe, after that of Islam.

In regards to the claim of distributing the leaflet, you cannot put a person on trial for distributing a leaflet. Rather you can place a person on trial for the contents of the leaflet. Thus, the issue is not of distributing a leaflet, instead it is the contents of the leaflet. Consequently, my trial is on the content of this leaflet, which was distributed and my address to you is on the contents of it as well. I am assuming that this leaflet can be found in the file of this case.

The material in this leaflet exposes King Hussein's conspiracy with Israel of giving the West Bank to it. The leaflet explains the scenario and the drama which took place. The surrendering of the West Bank to Israel by King Hussein is a well known fact. The people of Jordan, all politicians in general, and the rulers in the Muslim world, especially in the Arab world, are aware of this. Most of the people in the Arab world are aware of this treachery as they are with the treachery of Judae the Isharyuti and Abu Rughal. Therefore, all of those who know of this fact and talk about it should be put on trial for the same reason as I am.

Yes! this is a well-known issue. In reality it is a great treason. We in the leaflet, accused King Hussein, of surrendering the West Bank. In other words, we accused him of being a traitor. Thus, someone may say, that insulting King Hussein for committing the treason is the reason for this trial. If this is the case, then my answer is, that this is just an accusation and not an insult. An accusation, is basically, to blame a person for a specific action. If this accusation can be proven then it is no longer an accusation because it then becomes a fact. Thus, the one who is accused of in the first place, should not be punished. I admit that we accused King Hussein of surrendering West Bank to Israel. In other words, we accused him of treason and I am ready to prove this treason. I have tawatur witnesses to prove this treason. Thus, I demand from the court to ask me to prove this treason by presenting those tawatur (concurrent) witnesses.

It is King Hussein, the one whom you are defending by placing us on trial just because we described him as a traitor and for which I am on trial. He does not care about this treason since he commits it everyday. Just a week ago, the King presented a memorandum to be circulated to the League of Arab Nations suggesting that there is a possibility that the East Bank of the Jordan River is collapsing and falling under Israeli occupation. He cannot even bear the responsibility of the East Bank and the West Bank together. He requests from the Arab nations to agree with him on having a peace treaty with Israel. King Hussein, presented this explicit speech to the League of Arab Nations and to all Arab nations in general. The memorandum means that King Hussein is threatening the Arab nations that if they do not approve of his plan with Israel, the peace treaty with Israel, then he will then surrender the East Bank exactly the same way he surrendered the West Bank.

Does such a person care about treason? This is a new treason, which is in its early stages of being committed. After all of these facts, it should not be allowed to put any person on trial for accusing King Hussein of being a traitor. I therefore demand from the court, to ask me to prove the treason of King Hussein through the tawatur witnesses in order to convince the judge about the truthfulness of my accusation against King Hussein. This proof would lead to a mistrial. 

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Is Shihadah Arar a lawyer ?Very well drafter and thought about each and every point to refute these Kuffar