Monday, May 21, 2012

The Essential Elements of the Islamic Disposition (Nafsiyyah) Published

This English translation of the Arabic book by Hizb ut-Tahrir, Min Muqawimaat an-nafsiyyah Islamiyyah (The Essential Elements of the Islamic Disposition) has been published by Dar al Ilm and is now available to purchase online from Revival Publications.

It seeks to help the Mumineen reaffirm their belief (Iman) in Allah (swt) such that their tongues are moist with the remembrance of their Lord, their hearts are filled with the fear of Allah (swt) and that their limbs hasten towards the good deeds.

The book focusses on citations from the primary texts of the Quran and authentic Sunnah with reference to quotations from the Sahabah (companions of the Prophet) and classical Ulema (scholars) where relevant.

This paperback edition of over 360 pages, complete with Arabic Ayat (verses) and Prophetic Ahadith (narrations) includes the following chapters:
- Hastening to adhere to the Sharī’ah
- Maintain the recitation of the Qur’ān
- Love of Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw)
- Love and Hate for Allah’s (swt) Sake
- Fear of Allah (swt) openly and secretly
- Weeping from the fear of Allah (swt) and upon His (swt) remembrance
- Hope in Allah (swt) and not giving up on His (swt) Mercy
- Patience in the face of adversity and being content with the Divine Decree
- Supplication, Remembrance and seeking of Forgiveness
- Reliance on Allah (swt) and the Sincerity to Him (swt)
- Steadfastness and constancy upon the Truth
- Humbleness towards the believers and stern towards the disbelievers
- Yearning for Jannah and competing in good deeds
- The best of you in morals
- The Etiquettes of Discussion
- Blessings be upon the Ghurabaa (strangers) who reform that which the people have corrupted


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