Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New edition of Political Concepts book now available from Kitaabun.com

The English translation published by Revival Publications of the adopted Arabic book 'Mafahim Siyasiya' by Hizb ut-Tahrir is now also available to purchase on the popular Islamic books online store www.kitaabun.com

It can be purchased from: http://kitaabun.com/shopping3/product_info.php?products_id=4199

The original Arabic book has been completely revised and updated since the first edition of the book by Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani, it discusses the post 911 world . This revised edition was published under the leadership of Sheikh Ata' Abu Rashta in Arabic in 2005 CE.

Political ConceptsThis 184 page book highlights the key factors in understanding the international political situation. It addresses various topics including:

• How the ideology of a nation shapes its domestic and foreign policy.

• How political plans and styles are utilised in order to achieve the interests of nations.

• The international situation and the balance of power.

• International conventions and international law.

• The motives behind the struggle amongst nations.

• The current major issues in the world and the nature of the major powers.

• The importance of political awareness for Muslims and how to influence world politics.

Since the Islamic Ummah is entrusted with carrying the Islamic da’wa to the whole mankind, it is thus indispensable for Muslims to stay in contact with the world. Where they comprehend its circumstances, understand its problems, are aware of the motives of its states and nations and pursue the political actions that take place in the world. In this context, they have to pay attention to the political plans of the states in terms of the styles they use for the execution of such plans, the relations between these states, and the political manoeuvres they use. Therefore, it is indispensable for Muslims to understand the reality of the situation in the Islamic world in the light of understanding the international situation. This is vital for them in their pursuit to establish the Islamic state, and to convey the da’wa to the world.

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