Sunday, September 16, 2012

A response on the movie “Innocence of Muslims”

After the Danish cartoons, “Fitna” movie en and other vile attempts to take down the lofty values and personalities within Islam and make it a subject to mock, there has appeared a cheap B movie by the title of “Innocence of Muslims” which has been produced solely for the following aim; spreading as much lies and slander about the most beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him), his wife ‘Aisha (Blessings be upon her) and his companions (May Blessings be upon them). As a reaction to this, Muslims from all corners of the Islamic world went out on the streets in large numbers and protested against this slandering of their most beloved. But these demonstrations were quickly labeled as barbaric and Al-Qaeda along with extremist groups would be behind this, due to the black flags.

First of all, it should be emphasized that Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) is being praised daily in their prayers on numerous occasions by 2 billion people. He is the Messenger of Allah and he is the best and only example for the Muslims; his actions, words and even his silence are taken as a source and reference to arrange the daily lives of Muslims. He is more loved by Muslims then their own selves. This is the bond which Muslims feel with him. So these demonstrations can therefore not be ascribed to “a couple of extremist Muslims”, because this is far from reality. This issue is an extremely sensitive case which strikes the heart of all Muslims.

The media and certain politicians responded quickly to label these demonstrations as barbaric and intolerant. In reality, it is this terrible movie which is ultimately barbaric and it is not the Muslims who are intolerant, but it’s the liberal democratic thought which allows under the excuse of “freedom of speech” that people with a different thought can be deeply hurt and insulted. The west calls itself civilized, but what kind of civilization is this if people can not meet with each other in a civilized way without getting into insulting and slander?
Furthermore, where was this so-called magnificent “freedom of speech” when a man recently called the queen to be a “fraud” and a “sinner”? This man, who was mentally weak, got treated as a criminal and the judge sentenced him to prison for several months. Instead of immediately condemning the attacks of Muslims on western embassies, they should investigate why Muslims directed their anger towards these exact places. The west has been guilty for decades for their direct involvement in their internal affairs and exploitation. Was it not the west that has put dictators and tyrants in power of the Muslim countries and supported them entirely throughout the years? Weren’t the Arabic uprisings not a direct result of criminal policy of the west within the Muslim countries? And even after making thousands of sacrifices during these Arabic uprisings to remove these dictators and tyrants who were supported by the west, the Muslims still see the tentacles of the west being deeply rooted in their countries. There is no real change in their situation. Their longings, ideals and demands are still not being granted by these new leaders. The severe approach of the army and police against the demonstrators is one of the examples. Many demonstrators have lost their lives because their own police was not there to protect them, but to help the west to exploit them. The insult of their Prophet by the west was just a drop too much for the Muslims!

The Muslims expected that their new leaders would take a firm stance against the insult of their Prophet. But since these new leaders are still serving in the interest of the west and not the interest of the Muslims, the Muslims have now been forced to take their own initiative. These new leaders should have at least ended all diplomatic ties with America and sent their ambassadors directly to their home along with the American military basis and postpone all oil contracts and economic ties.

Finally, these black flags, which are dominating the impression of the demonstrations, are not a symbol of extremism but a clear sign of longing of the Muslims towards unity. This is the flag of Islam. Within the minds and hearts of the Muslims, these nationalistic flags have already been replaced by the flag of Islam. And soon these flags will make place for the flag of Islam in reality, when the Islamic State Al-Khilafah is re-established, which will serve the interest of Muslims and take a clear stance when the Prophet of Islam is being insulted.

Okay Pala

Media spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir Netherlands

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