Saturday, September 01, 2012


By Abu Anas

United Nations' Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, was shocked due to the news of one of the most horrific massacres against innocent civilians in Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that 320 corpses were found last weekend in the Damascus suburb of Daraya.1 The Local Coordination Committees (LCCs), the network of activists inside Syria organizing the revolt against the Assad regime, have confirmed that most of these bodies were executed en masse and some of their bodies were burnt afterwards.1 Mr. Ki-moon was reported to say that the incident was “an appalling and brutal crime.”2 The United States and the European Union shared his shock and sorrow and condemned such draconian measures inflicted by the Syrian regime upon its people.

In reality, the UN is an organization composed of a collection of countries each using its weight and influence within the UN to serve its own interests. The major stake in the UN belongs specifically to the US and other Western countries in addition to Russia and China.  Muslims do not have a considerable voice in the UN and therefore it is totally understandable why historically this organization has never served their interests. For almost 18 months, it has been the agenda of the US and its allies to continue this silly drama of “shock”, regret and condemnation of such horrific human tragedies, while hiding their real goal of suppressing the rebels in Syria by giving the bloody regime of al-Assad ample time to commit its crimes and the political cover to do so. It is imperative for the Muslim political observer to be fully aware of the role of such international organizations, which only serve the agendas of the world powers.


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