Saturday, November 24, 2012

Book: Guide for the performer of prayer from the book of Al Jami li Ahkam is Salah

The translation of 'Guide for the performer of prayer: Compiled from the book of Al Jami li Ahkam is Salah (Compiled Rules of Salah)' is now available. Abu Tariq Al-Harithy has summed up all the rules (ahkam) contained in the two volume book of Al Jami' li Ahkam is- Salah (Compiled rules of Salah) by Abu Iyas, Mahmood ibn Abdul Latif 'Owaidah.

Engineer Fouad Hussein, its editor says: "This book of Guide is inseparable from its origin, book of Al Jami' in terms of the evidences of the rules for whoever is interested in them and has the capacity to follow up the debate and discussion. Whoever wishes to understand the rules only without evidences, this Guide is, with Allah's help, enough."

The book is now available to purchase online from:

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