Monday, December 17, 2012

SYRIA: Will the prophecy of establishing a Caliphate on the method of Prophethood be realised soon?

Ustadh Abu Anas discusses the current developments in Syria and and if the prophecy of the Caliphate is soon to be realised in Syria.

• The signs that the Syrian revolution is approaching victory by the Will of Allah
• The global media blackout of the chants of the people of Syria and the brigades calling for the Caliphate
• The efforts of America and the colonial powers to prevent the establishment of the Caliphate
• The Syrian National Coalition and the transitional government, and their roles assigned to them
• After all the evident destruction, is it even possible to establish the Caliphate in Syria?
• Could the Caliphate counter the reactions of the East, West, and the Jewish state?
• The repercussions of the declaration of the Caliphate on the Muslim world and the regional neighboring countries
• How would the Caliphate face pressing domestic issues such as the issue of the minorities and ethnicity?

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